Houston VA and Veteran Owned Business, Top 10 Best Known Veteran-Owned Businesses in Houston

Houston Veteran Owned Businesses

Houston is home to a vibrant community of veteran-owned businesses, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of our nation’s servicemen and women. These businesses not only contribute significantly to the local economy but also provide valuable services and products to the community. Here, we highlight the top 10 best-known veteran-owned businesses in Houston, along with vital statistics and resources for veterans in the area.

1. Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned coffee enterprise known for its premium small-batch coffee and its commitment to supporting veterans and first responders. Founded by former special operations veterans, the company aims to deliver high-quality coffee while employing veterans and contributing to veteran-focused causes. In Houston, Black Rifle Coffee Company has established a strong presence, providing a welcoming environment for both veterans and civilians to enjoy their products. The company is also actively involved in community outreach, sponsoring events and initiatives that support the veteran community.

2. Grunt Style

Grunt Style is a veteran-owned apparel company that offers a wide range of patriotic-themed clothing and accessories. Founded by Army veterans, the brand has grown significantly and is now a household name among those who appreciate military-inspired apparel. In Houston, Grunt Style operates a retail store that not only sells their popular products but also serves as a hub for veteran community events and charitable activities. The company is dedicated to creating a supportive work environment for veterans and regularly donates to veteran-focused charities.

3. Combined Arms

Combined Arms is a collaborative impact organization based in Houston that connects veterans to essential resources, community, and purpose. The organization operates a state-of-the-art facility that houses over 70 veteran-focused nonprofits, providing a one-stop-shop for veterans transitioning from military to civilian life. Combined Arms offers a wide range of services, including job placement, mental health support, and housing assistance. They also host numerous events and workshops designed to foster community and support among veterans. The organization’s mission is to unite the veteran community and streamline access to the resources veterans need to thrive.

4. TexVet

TexVet is a Houston-based medical practice dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to veterans and their families. Founded and operated by veterans, TexVet understands the unique health needs of those who have served in the military. Their services include primary care, mental health counseling, and specialized treatments for conditions common among veterans. TexVet is known for its patient-centered approach and commitment to delivering high-quality care. The practice also collaborates with other veteran organizations to ensure patients have access to a wide range of support services.

5. Freedom Hard

Freedom Hard is a lifestyle brand founded by veterans that offers a variety of products, including clothing, accessories, and spirits. The company’s mission is to promote patriotism and support veteran causes through their products. Freedom Hard is heavily involved in the Houston community, frequently participating in veteran events and fundraisers. The company also employs veterans and donates a portion of its profits to veteran-focused charities. Their unique product offerings and commitment to veteran advocacy have made Freedom Hard a beloved brand in Houston.

6. Veteran Energy

Veteran Energy is a veteran-owned electricity provider serving the Houston area. The company offers competitive energy plans to residential and commercial customers, with a portion of their profits supporting veteran organizations. Veteran Energy is committed to providing excellent customer service while giving back to the veteran community. They offer exclusive discounts and benefits to veterans and their families. In addition to their energy services, the company actively participates in community events and initiatives that support veterans.

7. HEROES Coffee

HEROES Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee roaster and retailer based in Houston. The company sources high-quality beans from around the world and roasts them to perfection in small batches. HEROES Coffee is committed to supporting veteran causes, hiring veterans, and donating a portion of their profits to veteran charities. The company’s café in Houston serves as a gathering place for veterans and coffee enthusiasts alike, offering a welcoming environment and excellent coffee. HEROES Coffee is known for its community involvement and dedication to making a positive impact.

8. US Vets

US Vets is a veteran-owned real estate firm that specializes in helping veterans find homes in the Houston area. The company offers a range of services, including home buying assistance, financial planning, and VA loan expertise. US Vets is dedicated to making the home buying process as smooth as possible for veterans, providing personalized support and guidance. The firm also hosts workshops and seminars to educate veterans on homeownership and financial management. US Vets is committed to helping veterans achieve their dream of owning a home and building a stable future.

9. Oohrah Lemonade

Oohrah Lemonade is a veteran-owned beverage company offering refreshing lemonade while supporting veteran causes. The company was founded by veterans who wanted to create a product that not only tastes great but also gives back to the community. Oohrah Lemonade is sold at various events and markets throughout Houston, with a portion of the profits going to veteran charities. The company is known for its high-quality ingredients and commitment to social responsibility. Oohrah Lemonade frequently participates in veteran-focused events and fundraisers, making a positive impact in the community.

10. Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA)

Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA) is an organization founded by veterans that provides networking, support, and advocacy for Houston-area veterans. LSVA hosts regular events and workshops designed to help veterans integrate into civilian life and succeed in their careers. The organization offers a wide range of services, including career development, mental health support, and community building activities. LSVA’s mission is to empower veterans through connection and support, fostering a strong community where veterans can thrive. The organization is a vital resource for veterans in Houston, offering a comprehensive suite of programs and services.

Veteran-Owned Business Statistics in Houston

Veteran-owned businesses are a critical component of Houston’s economic landscape. There are over 10,000 veteran-owned businesses in the Houston metropolitan area, encompassing a wide range of industries, from healthcare and real estate to retail and services. These businesses generate billions of dollars in revenue annually, significantly contributing to the local economy. Furthermore, veteran-owned businesses in Houston employ tens of thousands of individuals, providing stable and meaningful employment opportunities. The diversity of these businesses highlights the adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit of veterans, who leverage their military experience to succeed in various sectors. This robust community of veteran-owned enterprises not only drives economic growth but also enhances the social fabric of Houston by fostering community engagement and supporting veteran causes.

Resources for Veterans in Houston

Veterans in Houston have access to a wide range of resources to support their transition to civilian life and entrepreneurial endeavors:

  • Combined Arms: Provides a collaborative space for veterans to connect with resources and support services. They offer job placement, mental health support, housing assistance, and more.
  • Houston VA Medical Center: Offers comprehensive healthcare services tailored to veterans’ unique needs, ensuring access to both primary and specialized care.
  • Lone Star Veterans Association: Hosts networking events and provides career development support, helping veterans integrate into civilian life and build professional connections.
  • TexVet: Connects veterans with essential health services, benefits, and support organizations, ensuring they receive comprehensive care and assistance.
  • US Vets: Specializes in housing assistance and financial planning, helping veterans achieve homeownership and financial stability through personalized support and guidance.

Special Events and Networking Opportunities

Houston hosts numerous events and networking opportunities specifically designed for veterans:

  • Houston Veterans Business Expo: Organized by Combined Arms, this annual event connects veteran-owned businesses with the local community, offering valuable networking opportunities.
  • Veterans Day Parade: The Veterans Day Parade in Houston is a city-wide celebration honoring veterans, featuring parades, festivities, and networking events that bring the community together.
  • Lone Star Veterans Association Events: Lone Star Veterans Association organizes regular networking events, workshops, and social gatherings to support veterans’ professional and personal development.
  • Houston Veterans Chamber of Commerce Events: The Chamber hosts various events, including workshops and business expos, to support veteran entrepreneurs and business owners.

Event Organizers

Several organizations are instrumental in organizing events and providing support for veterans in Houston:

  • Combined Arms: Known for organizing large-scale events such as the Houston Veterans Business Expo, offering comprehensive support and resources for veterans.
  • Lone Star Veterans Association: Hosts numerous events aimed at supporting veteran integration and career success, including networking events and workshops.
  • Houston VA Medical Center: Organizes health fairs and support group meetings, providing essential healthcare services and community support for veterans.
  • US Vets: Hosts workshops and seminars focused on financial planning and home buying, aiding veterans in achieving stability and homeownership.
  • Houston Veterans Chamber of Commerce: Offers extensive networking opportunities, business support, and advocacy for veteran-owned businesses in Houston.

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In the bustling city of Houston, there’s a special group of entrepreneurs who have served our country with honor and are now making waves in the business world. They’re our veterans, and their stories of resilience and leadership deserve to be heard. In this article, we’ll shine a light on Houston’s veteran-owned businesses, celebrating their journey and the valuable contributions they make to our community.

Why Houston Veteran-Owned Businesses Matter:

Houston’s veteran entrepreneurs bring some unique strengths to the table:

  • Leadership: These folks have been trained in leadership from their military days, so they know how to inspire and lead their teams.
  • Resilience: Veterans have faced tough situations on the battlefield and come out stronger. That resilience helps them tackle challenges in business with determination.
  • Discipline: The military instills discipline like no other, and that translates into a strong work ethic and attention to detail in their businesses.

Even with their strengths, veteran-owned businesses have their share of challenges:

  • Transitioning to Civilian Life: Moving from military to civilian life can be a big adjustment, and veterans often have to learn new skills and adapt to a different environment.
  • Access to Resources: Getting funding and resources for growth can be tough, especially in competitive industries.
  • Networking: Building connections outside of the military community can be tricky, which can limit opportunities for collaboration and growth.

But there are plenty of opportunities for veteran-owned businesses in Houston:

  • Government Contracts: Governments often give priority to veteran-owned businesses when awarding contracts, which can be a big opportunity.
  • Community Support: Houston is known for its supportive business community, and there are programs and initiatives specifically aimed at helping veteran entrepreneurs succeed.
  • Technology: Embracing technology can open up new markets and help veteran-owned businesses reach more customers.

Supporting Houston’s Veteran-Owned Businesses:

We can all play a part in supporting our veterans in business:

  • Shop Veteran: Make a point to support veteran-owned businesses whenever you can. It’s a great way to say thanks and help them succeed.
  • Connect: Building networks and partnerships within the veteran and business communities can provide valuable support and resources.
  • Mentorship: Offering mentorship and guidance to veteran entrepreneurs can make a big difference in their success.