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CEO at ResTech Solutions | Providing peace-of-mind and permanent IT solutions to small businesses.

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Hello, I am David, founder of ResTech Solutions.

I launched ResTech in 2011 to help people and small businesses with their technology needs. Many of our business functions today rely on technology because technology, when it works, can make our life simpler and our company more efficient. That’s why it has become a competitive advantage for many companies around the world.

Now, having an in-house IT department to ensure that your tech is always working is very expensive, and that is where I wanted ResTech to come in. I wanted to provide those advantages and capabilities that large corporations have to you and your small business at an affordable price point so that you, too, can run more efficiently and have a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Although my work revolves around technology, I prefer to work with people. That’s why I create tech solutions that create a more simple human experience so that people can do what they do better. When technology works, we can all thrive, drive progress, and place our faith in the people that we interact with every day.

Please feel free to reach out and connect. I’d love to talk and see how ResTech can help your business grow.

Solutions for a Human World


As small business owners, we normally wear a lot of hats to keep costs low, but it doesn’t have to be that way. That is why we are here to help and be your affordable in-house IT department. We distill information and patterns to reveal meaning so that we can solve your technical difficulties while you seize opportunities for growth through new efficiencies.SEIZE MY OPPORTUNITIES


Cost Savings

  • You will save on payroll and related expenses through more efficient IT systems and by hiring an entire team for less than one employee.
  • You will save on equipment, hardware, and software requirements by buying the right solutions for your business the first time around.
  • IT is your business’ insurance: we prevent and stop problems from growing through our automized monitoring systems. In the case that something does go wrong with your technology, an IT expert can minimize losses by solving the problem quickly. The problem will take more time and money to solve if you do not have an IT expert that is familiar with your technology on your team.


  • Our automized monitoring systems allow us to solve the majority of problems automatically, allowing you to focus on growing your business and your people.
  • We build and maintain service portals so that any employee can submit a service ticket, eliminating back and forth emails when problems arise and giving your employees autonomy.
  • Cloud-based solutions allow your team to access documents and files from wherever they are and whenever they want, becoming self-sufficient.
  • We build communication tools that allow for instant internal messaging and provide separate work phone numbers increasing efficiency by reducing communication lag and enhancing your work-life balance.
  • We will ensure a smooth transition from another provider, internal team, or no management if required, and a smooth transition from old to new systems.

Cybersecurity & Protection

  • Many information breaches have occurred recently; it is critical to protect your personal, business, and customer’s private information.
  • We provide password protection and management so that you will never have to remember or forget another password again, all while having stronger codes.
  • We provide virus, malware, and ransomware protection so that your information, technology, and business are safe.
  • We provide daily backups to keep your data protected and to ensure that you can recover from ransomware and other disasters.

Network Solutions

  • Do you have that area of the office or home that seems to have wifi or connectivity issues? We have tools that can tell us where we can position your current wireless routers or extenders so that we ensure the signal is strong and effective in every corner of your building. You may even find out you had one too many network devices.
  • When your connectivity and wifi are strong and working, work can get done faster and more efficiently.
  • We help you keep your network secure from unauthorized access to keep sensitive information safe.
  • We provide cloud monitoring and management for network equipment that empowers us to resolve issues remotely, allowing for nearly instantaneous response times.


  • We monitor systems 24/7 and provide on-site support during business hours so that you are always at your best.
  • We can help you provide customer support even when the power goes out in your office or shop.
  • We are there to help when you need it so that you don’t spend hours Googling your issues and trying to fix them.
  • We consult on hardware, software, and technological decisions and dilemmas so that we can choose the right solutions for you, together.
  • You can focus on seizing opportunities for growth while we make sure your technology is always up and running safely.
  • We offer support on-site or via phone, email, and video-conferencing.

Employee Training

  • We will train your employees to ensure that they have the knowledge required to use the technology, helping them do what they do better.
  • We provide cybersecurity training, teaching your employees how to protect themselves and the company from cyber threats and ransomware.
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