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More than 20 years of experience in sales, business development and new client acquisition. My overall goal is to grow the economic pie for everyone! Specific market focus is the Texas / Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Innate ability to connect people/businesses has its roots during the four years I had a paper route (age 12-15) in New Jersey (The Bergen Record). The news of the day, i.e., 1st human to human heart transplant, Gemini/Apollo/Man landing on the moon, Miracle Mets!, Vietnam, MLK/RFK Assassinations, Kent State….were on my hands everyday.

•New Business Development, business development initiatives
•Leveraging extensive professional network to acquire new business and grow client base
•Ability to negotiate directly with the C-level executives, understand their pain points and provide meaningful solutions.
•Contract negotiation

How It Works

The CarbonTek USA service is suitable for any gas or diesel engine. A CarbonTek services helps remove harmful carbon build-up from within the engine. We service all types of engines from passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, commercial trucks, vans, buses, marine vessels, construction, agricultural equipment and power generators.

The CarbonTek USA system uses electrolysis to create Oxy-hydrogen gas which is fed into the engine via the air intake while the engine is at idle. The CarbonTek Oxy-hydrogen gas reacts with the carbon deposit. This reaction causes carbon to chemical transform into the gaseous state of hydrocarbon (HC), which is then emitted out through the exhaust system.

The CarbonTek service is simple and safe and requires no dismantling of the engine. No harmful chemical products are used, we are 100% Green . We recommended using the CarbonTek USA service as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule.

  • CarbonTek connects to the engine’s air intake
  • Hydrogen enriched gas enters the engine’s cylinders
  • CarbonTek Oxyhydrogen gas reacts with carbon deposit
  • All is then omitted thru the exhaust as a gas

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. It supplies everything needed for motion and power. Like anything else it needs to be kept clean and operating at top efficiency.

Introducing Carbon

Carbon is a by-product that occurs naturally in car engines. Anything from stop-and-go driving, high Idle times and engine poor fuel may be the reason for carbon buildup.

Eventually, carbon begins to form a layer of black soot, which builds up slowly over time.

What Are Carbon Deposits?

Carbon deposits are extremely harmful to your engine. Carbon reduces the power and reduces the engine efficiency. This ultimately reduces your fuel economy, increases exhaust emissions, engine vibration, and the risk of premature engine wear.

Over time, these deposits accumulate and form a layer covering the components in the combustion chamber, turbocharger, and exhaust system.

Carbon deposition is extremely harmful to your engine, as it reduces the power and reduces the efficiency. This ultimately reduces your fuel economy, increases exhaust emissions, engine vibration, and the risk of premature engine wear.

Carbon Deposits in Gasoline Engines

Carbon deposits are a by-product of unburnt gasoline.

When carbon accumulates in the combustion chambers, intake valves, injector nozzles, and pistons, it will deprive the engine of its power and efficiency.

Optimal fuel mileage and engine performance will decrease while the particulate emissions increase significantly.

Carbon Deposits in Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are more likely to experience high carbon buildup.

Reasons may include the use of low-quality fuel, excessive idling, dirty air filters.

If you fail to treat carbon buildup in your diesel engines, it will result in power loss, increased emissions, reduced fuel economy, a sluggish engine, and expensive repairs if fitted with an exhaust after treatment.

The Solution… CarbonTek Hydrogen Carbon Clean

The CarbonTek service uses electrolysis in the production of Oxyhydrogen gas, which is then fed into the engine through the air intake.

The increase in the internal oxygen proportion results in clean combustion while the catalytic properties of hydrogen react with carbon for reducing the internal carbon deposits.

When Oxyhydrogen enters the combustion chamber, the combustion causes the molecules to “tear up” the hydrogen molecules

This reaction causes carbon to chemical transform into the gaseous state of hydrocarbon (HC), which is then emitted out through the exhaust system.

Using no harsh chemicals, Carbon Tek carbon cleaning process detoxifies the engine. The result is regained engine power and efficiency, restored MPG, and reduced emissions.

Carbon Tek’s Oxy- hydrogen technology aims to remove carbon deposits from the inner workings of the engine, cleaning every nook and cranny.

This makes Carbon Tek’s Oxy- hydrogen carbon clean unit an effective solution for preventing carbon buildup, engine deterioration, and damage.

The Carbon Tek technology works with all kinds of vehicles, and with both gas and diesel engines!

Regardless of the age of your vehicle, you’ll notice significant improvements in performance!

Get ready for an enhanced driving experience with CarbonTek USA carbon cleaning services! Contact us TODAY!

The BenefitsOur innovative mobile service targets the removal of harmful carbon build-up from the engine for the ultimate engine detox. The benefits to your engine are immediate, noticeable and long lasting:More ResponsiveLower EmmissionsPotential fuel savingsSmoother Running Engine

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