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Joel Patzke
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I am passionate about doing my part to help change the roofing industry! I spend my time researching the latest technologies and the most innovative and environmentally friendly roofing solutions to date!

Family-Owned Trusted Roofing Company

When you need a residential roofing company in Houston, TX, trustworthiness is essential. You’ll get that from TRUEWORKS ROOFING. No matter whether we’re repairing a few cracked clay tiles or replacing your asphalt shingle roof, you’ll discover we’re always true to our word and work. That means you’ll get honest pricing and exceptional service whenever you work with us. We are family-owned and operated, and we establish trust by treating our customers like they are a part of our family. You can learn more about how we can help you with pain-free roofing by calling 713-903-7663.

Commercial Roofing Services

There are a variety of different buildings that we cater to for our commercial roofing services. If you would like to discover more, please review the following building types.

  • Apartment Complexes & Multi-Family
  • Agricultural Buildings Roofing
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Roofing
  • Church Roofing Replacement
  • Shopping Centers & Office Building Roofing Contractor

 You can rely on the fact that we are experienced in many different types of roofing materials, including EPDM, PVC, and TPO, among others. To get started with a roofing appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a friendly member of our team at 713-903-7663.

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