Max Ferguson

Max Ferguson
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Strategic leader with 7 years of experience in change management, digital strategy, and project management; laser-focused on digital transformation, continuous process improvement, and customer experience 

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Strategic Consultant with 7 years of expertise in change management, digital strategy, and CX deployment & sustainability. Quickly establishes rapport with stakeholders to optimize people and culture. Core competencies include performance evaluation, complex decision-making, data analysis, and strategy execution.

Max Ferguson, M.B.A


We help you grow your business implement and sustain organizational change through analysis, business intelligence, and technology. 


Employee training is essential for business transformation. We provide training that’s dynamic, interactive, and meaningful. Our training programs are focused on measurement and reinforcement.  We helped the team across the world achieve enterprise transformation success.

The Commitment

We are committed to leveraging technology to help leaders excel through change. Digital Transformation enables organizations to improve their existing processes.  We assist in communication, training, planning, and development of their most valuable assets, their people. 

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