Lacey  Losee

Director of Sales, Oil & Gas | HData

Talks about #energydata, #energysolutions, #regulatorycompliance, and #regulatoryintelligence

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Strategic Sales Director experienced in global account management, business development, value-based selling, and customer engagement.

10 years of experience offering consultative solutions and subscription services to meet various research, data analytics, and manpower needs to customers across the Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Utility Power, EPC, and Oilfield Service industries, operating assets across the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Renewables, Metals & Mining and Chemicals sectors.

Develop strong partnerships and continue to understand market drivers, needs, and challenges, which together enable customers to achieve their strategic goals and company objectives.

Skilled in Strategic Planning, Cost Savings, Vendor Consolidation, Business Development, Account Management, Customer Support, and Marketing across all areas of the Natural Resource sector with a Global focus and regional view.

HData is the only RegTech company delivering streamlined compliance and business intelligence to the U.S. energy industry. Our mission is to digitize the interface between the public and private sectors. We automate manual processes for people who comply with regulations, enforce regulations, and use regulatory data.

HData entered the energy regulatory data market in 2020. We seek to combine compliance and business intelligence solutions on a single platform.

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