Kathleen Chapman Hypnosis

I’m Kathleen Chapman,

Medical/ Spiritual Support Hypnotherapist.

I help my clients find solutions to recover from traumatic life experiences which brings them to a place of true peace and happiness.

I give each of my clients individual attention. This allows them the opportunity to discover what events in their life are keeping them stuck or blocking them from obtaining true happiness.

Clients are taught to connect to their INNER GUIDE, their strength, courage and confidence to find they can make lasting changes and improve their lives.

Hypnosis and Energy sessions

Hypnosis and Energy sessions create a space that allows deep relaxation, like a guided meditation. Each client is in complete control as an active participant during the sessions and in a safe environment.

The goals are set by each client and practitioner. Some clients may choose just to use Hypnotherapy or choose just Energy work, however results can be attained more efficiently when using both.DISCOVER MORE ABOUT MY SERVICES

The program consists of many levels but the basis is this:


set goals


discover resources


guided imagery


achieve peace


Relationship Remedy

Relationship Remedy is the newest program Kathleen created to help her clients delve into healing our most challenging relationships.

All of our relationships are a direct reflection of our internal oneness.
It is very difficult to have healthy, loving relationships if you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself.

Everything comes from the self. Heal your shit and watch life SHIFT into something AMAZING.DISCOVER MORE ABOUT RELATIONSHIP REMEDY

Kathleen began her journey of healing and self-awareness in 2010.

She found a hypnotist and psychologist that used dousing as a part of clearing her energetic body. Twice a week she committed to her recovery by replacing negative thought patterns and healing years of abuse she endured as a child.

She found the techniques in combination created such amazing results and knew others could benefit from these modalities.

For almost a year, using hypnosis (subconscious acknowledgment) and clearing of the energetic fields, which releases trauma from the physical body she began to release and heal her inner childhood wounds.

Her spiritual guide was the missing piece of all of the therapies she had tried.

The combination of hypnosis and energy healing worked at the soul level.

It created a space for the connection she longed for and revealed to her, her true purpose.

Kathleen heard a call, ” Share this information with others who suffer as she did.”

Kathleen found the modalities to create something unique, something with the purest intention.

Kathleen researched to find the most comprehensive hypnotherapy school in the United States and was drawn to the world-renowned Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe, NM.

She relocated and spent 12 weeks learning from experts in the field. Students went through intense class and practical exercises.

Kathleen would experience an even greater level of healing and spiritual growth. The school thoroughly prepared her on every level to offer the best care to her clients.

She has over 1000 hours of education and has received diplomas and certifications in Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Natal, Interlife and Past-life Regression Therapy.


Try out one of my meditations or meditation bundles!

Healing the 7 Major Chakras

The organs in our body as well as the many systems of our body are connected to the system of CHAKRAS. Located in the etheric energy field the 7 major chakras are connected to the spine in specific vertebrae.

When out of balance or if we have experienced trauma these circular energy wheels can become blocked, ripped, or torn. This creates ill health, emotional problems a well as physical ailments or disease.

Self Love Affirmations

Listening to these affirmations will help you create the changes you have been wanting.

By listening to this recording, you are making a decision to create YOUR new life.

YOU WILL become the person you were meant to be


To create lasting, positive changes YOU MUST BECOME SOMEONE NEW.

Try it for free!


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