Houston Top Startups 2021 and 2022

Start ups in Houston

If you’re looking for the hottest startups in Houston, this list of $18 million-plus companies might be just what you need. These companies are growing rapidly, and raising funding at an incredible rate, but how did they make it to the list? Keep reading to learn more about these startups and see how they compare to their competitors. We also look at what it takes to be a Top Startup in Houston. And, don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

Start-ups in Houston

The startups in Houston for the 2021 & 2018 list include Pimcore Global Service, which provides software that helps businesses transform through innovation. The company provides innovative solutions that combine technology and human experiences to enhance work-life and drive business growth. The company has offices in 30 cities around the world and more than 60 clients worldwide. This thriving Houston tech startup is set to disrupt the construction industry by offering innovative software that enables businesses to reduce the cost of hiring and maximize output.

The start-ups in Houston are on the brink of breaking out, thanks to a booming tech scene. In fact, according to a recent study by Houston Exponential, Houston is the third-fastest-growing tech ecosystem in the United States. In 2019, there were 151 venture capital deals worth under $5 million in Houston. By 2021, 64% of those deals were under $1 million.

Despite the current economic situation, there are still many opportunities for Houston-area businesses. The Houston region is home to a variety of industries and business models. One such start-up is NextOp, a nonprofit that helps employers understand the experience and skills of veterans and service members. The group also helps companies find the right candidates for open positions. NextOp’s website includes past forums and additional information about how these organizations have helped the city’s economy grow.

Companies that have raised $18 million in funding

A startup competition can help create momentum, generate awareness, and raise capital for a business. According to the financial database Pitchbook, 2021 was a record year for early-stage venture capital funding. The Houston Competition for Entrepreneurs (HCC) is a regional startup competition for new and existing companies. The competition begins in February and includes six virtual training sessions. It culminates in a June awards ceremony.

The startup ecosystem in Houston is growing rapidly, with more than 50 accelerator programs, incubators, and startup development organizations. In the past year, Houston startups raised $2 billion in funding – a record high for the region and a 610% increase over 2016.

Able Innovations is one startup that has received the most investment. The startup’s technology automates lateral supine patient transfers, freeing up the front-line staff. A typical transfer requires between two and eight employees. With its robotics, Able Innovations’ technology can perform this process contactless. The startup has already secured a seed round from Tiger Global and dozens of open-tech roles.

Companies that are growing quickly

According to the Inc. 5000 list, the median three-year growth rate of these companies was 543 percent. In addition, their combined revenue was $11.1 million. Those who work for these companies can expect to see a significant amount of growth in the business and finance sectors. Other industries that are expected to grow our real estate, fast food, travel agents, and technology. These are just a few examples of the types of companies that are growing rapidly in Houston.

In December, the unemployment rate was 5.1%, down from 7.9% a year earlier. With the recovery of the economy, Houston should see more opportunities in 2021 and 2022. The Partnership’s economic forecast for the next two years estimates 75,500 net new jobs in Houston in 2022. Partnership Senior Vice President of Research Patrick Jankowski said there are five major factors supporting job growth in Houston in the year ahead: continuing expansion in the U.S., robust global trade, and pent-up consumer demand. Among the fastest-growing industries in Houston are healthcare, education, and government, as well as administrative support.

1. Recode Solutions

The Houston-based company, Recode Solutions, is an IT consultancy firm based on the ‘Software-First’ approach and creates innovative and strategic IT business solutions. The company has transformed the way businesses operate by upgrading their IT systems to modern and advanced technologies. The company helped hundreds of companies in Japan, Europe, and North America and enhanced their efficiency. Recode Solutions has delivered the most advanced and suitable software to meet business-specific needs for the last few years. 

Recode Solutions offer big data & analytics, AI-led automation, cloud computing, and computer vision. The company strives to design and develop simplified process systems. It also enables its users to understand how the system works before making any final decision. 

Founded in: 2017

Industry: Software Services

Funding: $14.1M

2. GoExpedi

GoExpedi is the end-to-end digital supply chain platform explicitly designed for heavy industries like mining, construction, maritime, and energy. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, GoExpedi provides over 200,000 critical parts and supplies transparency on price, supplier choice, and availability through its digital procurement platform. 

It offers easy ordering, fastest delivery, data visibility, and cost control to heavy industry sectors. The end-to-end digital supply chain platform ensures accurate, timely, and economic inventory control for field operators while providing real-time, granular visibility into enterprise-wide purchasing details to management and supply chain professionals. 

It streamlines OpEx reconciliation, strengthens corporate governance, and maximizes profitability. In addition, the company works on an innovative supply chain model with an average delivery time of 2.5 days that ensures the right part at the right time for clients in heavy industries. 

The company has a team of experts with rig management experience and is backed by innovative technology. As a result, it can deliver incredible services at a lower cost than the traditional suppliers. 

Founded in: 2017

Industry: Constructions

Funding: $75.3M

3. Cart.com

Founded in 2020, Cart.com is a Houston-based startup, an eCommerce-as-a-service (ECaaS) provider. Cart.com provides solutions to drive conversions, scale operations, and deliver services that improve customer experience.  If we talk about its services, it enables users to build online stores, marketing services, data sciences, growth capital, etc. In addition, the company is democratizing eCommerce by giving brands the same entire eCommerce capabilities as today’s digital giants. 

It was founded by eCommerce veterans and offered a comprehensive set of integrated eCommerce solutions, including online store software, digital marketing services, financial fulfillment services, and customer service capabilities. The unique part about this startup is that brands of any size can work with a single partner to access the same stuff as the world’s largest eCommerce companies. 

Founded in: 2020

Industry: eCommerce

Funding: $143M

4. GoCo.io Inc

Launched in 2015 by Jason J. Wang and Michael Gugel, GoCo.io Inc is a software-based company that provides software that helps businesses simplify their human resources processes. Houston-based GoCo.io.Inc delivers software solutions, including hiring and on-boarding procedures, a centralized system to record and organize all employees’ documents and data, benefits selection processes, personal records database, etc. 

Founded in: 2015

Industry: SaaS

Funding: $12.6M

5. m1neral

The company m1neral is a fintech firm that builds the first all-in-one transaction management platform for minerals and royalties. Since its emergence in 2019, it has readily become one of the notable startups, contributing to the billion-dollar digital transformation in oil and gas. 

It provides a platform with a robust spatial search tool to identify opportunities and promote collaboration amongst all parties in the transaction process, from buyers and sellers to service providers and financial institutions. 

Its main objective is to drastically cut cycle times and allow transactions to be completed faster, better, and brighter than ever before. 

Founded in: 2019

Industry: Fintech

Funding: $1.6M

6. Mainline.gg

Founded in 2017, Mainline.gg is an eSports tournament management system tournament organizer and event production company. It’s mainly focused on helping customers unlock eSports’ value through products and people. This Houston-based eSports company is deploying a white-glove, white-label approach, helping usher colleges and universities, brands, and organizations into the eSports space. Although it uses custom tech, customized production, and expert tournament organization, the company mainly works to deploy and reinforce programs at all levels. 

Founded in: 2017

Industry: eSports

Funding: $6.6M

7. BitWallet

Launched in 2017, BitWallet is a high-security cryptocurrency wallet and exchange for individuals and businesses. It enables users to download and charge with no international money transfers fees. According to Crunchbase, this Houston-based company, BitWallet, is a United States Department of Treasury Money Services Business. The main objective is to provide a safe and reliable method to buy, sell, store, trade, and transfer digital currencies. 

Founded in: 2017

Industry: Bitcoin

Funding: $3.8M

8. Annapurna Solutions LLC

Founded in 2019, Annapurna Solutions is a Houston-based startup company, which provides software SaaS platforms that enable communities to build sustainable material reuse platforms. Using software infrastructure platforms, promotes inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation to address the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Founded in: 2019

Industry: Information technology

9. HTX Labs

A commercial software company, HTX Labs offers humanized training solutions. Founded in 2017, it has pioneered developing and delivering an immersive learning platform. As a result, the Houston-based commercial software company revolutionized how critical training is created, deployed, and measured through innovative ways of learning. Doing so has provided the learning platform to elevate the proficiency and preparedness of the next-generation workforce.

The EMPACT platform given by HTX Labs enables organizations to quickly create and deploy highly effective immersive training content, resulting in improved efficiencies, cost savings, and more effective learning outcomes. In addition, the company offers technology and simulations that provide hands-on learning opportunities, which may often be challenging to obtain in real life. 

Founded in: 2017

Industry: Software

10. Outklip

The Houston-based company, Outklip offers its users a cloud-based screen, voice, and camera recorder. The Houston-based tech startup offers a free version with unlimited 10-minute videos and longer videos to clients who can pay a subscription of $5 per five pro videos or $7 per month with different benefits. Basically, it offers services to make stunning screen video recordings that users can share easily. Not only this, users can record videos with 4K resolution and voice narration. Later, users will be able to share the links or upload their videos on YouTube. 

Founded in: 2018

Industry: Mobile Apps, Customer Services

11. Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance is a Huston-based Fintech company that offers next-generation financial services and debt solutions. It is recognized as a next-generation finance company that provides simple, transparent services like financial products and enhances people’s lives. The company heavily invests in data, technology, and innovation to provide faster and customized solutions that surpass industry standards. Its team consists of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and trailblazers. 

Founded in: 2016

Industry: FinTech

Funding: $170M

12. Liongard

An automation platform, Liongard proffers managed service providers to complete visibility across IT stack. With a global partner base, this Huston-based tech startup company has received a total funding amount of $22.8M from five investors. It is changing how MSPs manage and protect thousands of businesses worldwide. 

The tech startup embraces deep system data in one centralized location, Liongard empowers the team to resolve faster and avoid unnecessary escalations. As Liongard unlocks the data, users can pinpoint critical metrics to create alerts and reports for even greater efficiency and proactive customer management. It also manages and secures modern IT with confidence. 

Founded in: 2015

Industry: Cloud management

Funding: $22.8M

13. Hello Alice

Recognized as a free multi-channel platform, Hello Alice guides owners by providing funding, networks, and services. Launched in 2017, Hello Alice was founded by Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore. The company’s headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States. It helps businesses to launch and grow. Hello Alice has raised $22.5M in its corporate round of funding and is backed by seventeen investors.

Founded in: 2017

Industry: Digital Marketing

Funding: $22.5M

14. Data Gumbo

Data Gumbo is a smart contract network company trusted by global industrial enterprises. Launched in 2016, the company successfully incorporates real-time sensor level and field data to validate transactions. As a result, it reduces costs by more than 10% for all network members by automatically eliminating payment delays, disputes, and complex reconciliations. The company has raised $22.7M in a Series B round of funding, sponsored by four investors.

Founded in: 2016

Industry: Blockchain

Funding: $22.7M

15. Vortex Companies

Launched in 2017, Vortex Companies deliver advanced trenchless technologies and turnkey services to renew water and industrial infrastructure cost-effectively. This Houston-based company is one of the fastest-growing trenchless solution providers in the water, sewer, and industrial marketplace. The list of services includes turnkey bypass, structural relining, structural and corrosion protection materials, pipe bursting, robotic trenchless systems, and pipe & drain cleaning tools. 

Founded in: 2017

Industry: Construction 

16. HashGains

Founded in 2017, HashGains is well known for its best-in-class cryptocurrency mining platform, which helps in mining Bitcoins and Altcoins in one of the easiest ways. It also brings opportunities for its users to make money through cryptocurrency. 

Founded in: 2017

Industry: Blockchain, FinTech

17. Cognite

Launched in 2016, Cognite is a global software company which makes data accessible and meaningful for industrial customers. It also enables the digital transformation of heavy asset industries across the globe. The company’s offerings include software products, which integrate with existing IT and OT (Operational Technology) infrastructures to liberate a wide variety of industrial data from soiled source systems. It also makes it possible for humans and machines to deliver visualizations, analytics, and AI at scale. 

Founded in: 2016

Industry: Artificial intelligence

Funding: $225.2M

18. Buildforce

A newbie Houston-based tech startup, Buildforce has been solely working on a tech solution for construction staffing. Founded in July 2020, it’s a construction staffing app, which aims to connect contractors more efficiently to skilled workers in trades ranging from electrical, mechanical to flooring, painting, and more. The company has raised $1.5 million in a Pre-Seed round of funding led by Houston-based Mercury fund. 

The notable thing is that the Buildforce Contractor app has a significant impact on Texas, experiencing growing construction volume across the state. 

Founded in: 2020

Industry: Construction 

Funding: $1.5M

19. Skillgigs.com

Founded in 2015, Skillgigs is a tech startup company that helps find the perfect candidate for the organization. An easy-to-use talent marketplace, Skillgigs uses expert-matching technology to pair healthcare, technology, and digital professionals to customized job openings every day. The company has raised $14.8M per year till now.

Founded in: 2015

Industry: Tech Services

Funding: $14.8M

20. DocJuris

Founded in 2018, DocJuris, a tech startup company, gives the simplest way to empower users to quickly and consistently close contracts at scale. It streamlines workflow, powers your contract data, and authorizes new procurement teams with technologies that facilitate indirect and direct purchasing contracts while maintaining open collaboration with stakeholders at all stages. 

Founded in: 2018

Industry: Sales Automation

Funding: $3.2M

21. Pimcore Global Service

The tech startup company, Pimcore Global Service, a Houston-based, is an innovation-led, digital transformation enabler focused on today’s digital challenges. The company’s expertise is to build agile and adaptive digital solutions across data, commerce, and the cloud. It mainly delivers services at the intersection of human experiences, technology, and insights. It has over 150+ professional teams and serves over 30+ locations and 60+ customers worldwide. 

Founded in: 2018

Industry: Tech Services 

Funding: $4.5M

22. AutomationEdge

Recognized as a leading IT Automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution, AutomationEdge is a tech startup company. It leverages conversational AI for great customer and employee experience in IT and HR operations. Founded in 2015, the company has raised $31.3 million in a private round of funding. Its highly advanced intelligent RPA combines all the essential capabilities required for enterprise automation, such as AI, ML, Chatbot, and IT automation. The company helps organizations automate their mundane, repetitive, rule-based tasks across verticals, whether in HR, IT, middle office, or back office. 

Founded in: 2015

Industry: IT

Funding: $31.3M

23. Imubit

Imubit, an IoT-based tech startup company, was launched in 2015. It offers an end-to-end solution, letting users discover and monetize new opportunities at process plants. The company is also embarking on new services such as deep reinforcement learning solutions for hydrocarbon processors. The company has raised $50 million in a Series B round of funding, funded by five investors. 

Founded in: 2015

Industry: IoT

Funding: $50M

1. Axiom Space

Axiom Space

Founded: 2015

Also honored in: 2021 Best Tech Startups in Houston

“Axiom exists to create a thriving home in space that benefits every human, everywhere.

The International Space Station’s life is finite, and the world will soon be in need of a new space station. Axiom, whose leadership has been involved in every ISS mission since the program’s inception, is taking on this challenge by supporting expanded utilization of the ISS today while creating the first international commercial space station to later host government astronauts, private companies, and individual explorers alike.

Our low-cost Low Earth Orbit platform access and decades of human spaceflight management experience support the research, testing of exploration-enabling technologies, and in-space manufacturing that will create new opportunities for advanced industries, governments, and educators and enable future human space exploration.”

2. GoExpedi


Founded: 2017

Also honored in:

“GoExpedi (www.goexpedi.com) is re-inventing rig servicing for the North American oilfields. Called the Amazon meets Uber for shale drillers, GoExpedi has created a fully on-line, rapid-delivery means of supplying critical parts to keep rigs up-and-running 24/7.

GoExpedi provides over 200,000 critical parts and supplies, with complete transparency on price, supplier choice, and availability through their online website. Their innovative supply chain model has created a business that delivers the right part, at the right time, overcoming a fundamental challenge for the industry. Staffed by experts with rig management experience, backed by innovative technology, GoExpedi is able to deliver an incredible service at a lower cost than traditional suppliers.”

3. iNet


Founded: 2011

Also honored in:

“Infrastructure Networks Inc. (INET) is a technology and telecommunications company eliminating the frustrations associated with managing and scaling remote communications by providing end-to-end customer connectivity solutions. By leveraging the global scale and adoption of a leading standards compliant technology, recognized technology leaders, along with 24/7 monitoring and boots-on-ground service, INET delivers “Wireless Infrastructure-as-a-Service” (W-Iaas) over the industry’s first end-to-end, private, LTE network.

INET’s existing networks connects 100,000+ square miles of the Digital Oilfield, including the Eagle Ford, Permian, Delaware Basin, Bakken and Scoop & Stack. INET’s W-IaaS Solution includes support for SCADA, Drilling and Completion, Mobile Data, Video, Analytics, Workforce Automation, IIoT and other M2M applications.”

4. Cart.com


Founded: 2020

“We’re democratizing ecommerce by giving brands the same complete ecommerce capabilities as today’s digital giants.

Cart.com is the first end-to-end ecommerce solutions provider delivering a fully integrated and owned suite of software, services and infrastructure to scale businesses online.

Founded by ecommerce veterans to be the premiere Ecommerce-as-a-Service (ECaaS) provider, Cart.com is on a mission to put brands back in charge of their ecommerce journey and their customer relationships. Today, Cart.com offers a comprehensive and growing set of integrated ecommerce solutions—including online store software, digital marketing services, fulfillment, financial services, and customer service capabilities—so brands of any size can work with a single partner to access the same capabilities as the world’s largest ecommerce companies.”

5. Buurst


Founded: 2012

“At Buurst, we’re thinking about your data differently, so you can continue to grow and move your business forward. You need to move fast, and so does your data. Our nimble, cost-effective data migration and performance management solutions open new opportunities and capabilities that continually prepare you for success. Get all the tools you need, so day one happens faster, and you can be amazing on day two, month two, and even year two. We make your cloud decisions work for you – and that means providing you data control, data performance, cost-management with storage tiering, and security.”

6. MacroFab


Founded: 2013

Also honored in:

“Take control of your prototype and production orders with our platform and connected factories. We make manufacturing easier, more affordable, and faster than ever before.”

7. P97 Networks

P97 Networks

Founded: 2012

Also honored in:

“P97 Networks, Inc. provides secure cloud-based mobile commerce and digital marketing solutions for the convenience retail and fuels marketing industry under the brand name PetroZone®. P97’s mCommerce solutions enhance the ability of convenience store operators, marketers, and oil companies to attract and retain customers by providing technology that securely connects millions of individual mobile phones and connected cars with identity and geo-location-based software technology to create unique connected-consumer experiences.”

8. Graylog


Founded: 2012

Also honored in: 2020 Best Tech Startups in Houston

“Centralized log management that actually works. Find meaning in your data faster so you can take action immediately.”

9. Innowatts


Founded: 2013

“Innowatts is a leading energy SaaS platform that utilizes best-in-class artificial intelligence to help electricity providers unlock grid edge opportunities, increase customer value, and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy solutions. The Innowatts platform leverages insights from more than 40 million meters, delivering real-time, customer-centric energy analytics with unprecedented accuracy. With clients and operations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Innowatts is a global leader, enabling energy providers to become truly customer-focused and fully leverage the power of data to transform their businesses.”

10. Innovapptive


Founded: 2012

Also honored in:

“At Innovapptive, our mission is to help improve the working life of front line worker. We are the only Connected Worker Platform that combines ERP (SAP, IBM Maximo) operational data with digital, visual, & step by step guided work instructions on mobile and smart glasses to empower front-line workers to get jobs done faster, better, cheaper & safer.

By engineering a platform that fuels innovation & collaboration, we are transforming the experience of the industrial worker to bridge the skills gap and further helping our customers increase revenues & margins. Together, with our employees, customers and partners across the globe, we are growing economies of some of the world’s largest brands.

We recently closed our Series A Fund Raise of $16.3M with Tiger Global Management, a Global Marquee Fund with over $30 Billion of Assets Under Management (AUM). Tiger Global Management has a reputation of investing and building some of world’s “Unicorn”​ brands such as Spotify, Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Peloton, Harry’s, Ola, Flipkart, Freshworks and many more!”

11. Dominion Aesthetic Technologies

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies

Founded: 2015

“Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. (Dominion) is a robotic laser platform medical device company headquartered in Texas, with technical labs in Florida.

Dominion’s product, EON, the premier touchless robotic laser body contouring device is FDA cleared for full abdominal fat reduction.

The company’s purpose is to offer the best solutions for aesthetic physicians and practitioners. In developing new products, it utilizes the knowledge of its Scientific Advisory Committee comprised of world-renowned experts. The company designs, builds and commercializes innovative aesthetic medical devices.”