Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The annual business expo and The State of Hispanics – Data Summit are two events you may want to attend if you’re a member of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Other events include The State of Hispanics – Data Summit, the Annual Luncheon, and advocacy for Hispanic business interests. If you’re interested in joining the chamber, here are some of the most important things to know.

The State of Hispanics – Data Summit

On May 4, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual “State of Hispanics – Data Summit.” This event focused on the economic impact and influence of Houston’s growing Hispanic population. Speakers include Jesse Thompson, Senior Business Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and Laura Murillo, Executive Director at the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The summit will also feature presentations and discussions on Houston’s Hispanic population and impact on Houston and the region.

Hispanics make up approximately eighteen percent of the U.S. population and contribute to 12 percent of U.S. GDP each year. They also represent $1.7 trillion in consumer purchasing power, but their numbers are still underrepresented and misperceived. 

Hispanics are increasingly gaining strength in the Houston region, and the City of Texas has a rich history of fostering business and social development among Hispanics. 

Annual Luncheon & Business Expo

The Annual Luncheon & Business Expo for the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest events in the region, attracting over 1,600 guests. The event highlights the work of the Chamber, and the agenda includes remarks from local and national leaders. Attendees can sign up for a one-year membership to the Chamber, which represents $55 billion in spending power throughout Houston. Networking is responsible for 70% of all Houston jobs.

Advocate for Hispanic business interests

If you’re interested in expanding your business, you should consider joining the advocacy community of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This organization has many benefits, including networking and education. Moreover, it is the voice of the Hispanic business community in Washington, D.C. It identifies legislation affecting the business community and works to influence it in a business-friendly way. While the USHCC is the leading voice of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the LAC and CHCC take active positions on a number of priority issues.

Approximately 4.6 million Hispanic businesses exist in the United States. Although most Latino businesses are small and operate in small niches, the economic contribution of these immigrant entrepreneurs is significant. In 2016, Latino-owned businesses generated $470 billion in revenue, accounting for 5.5% of total U.S. employment. This is a remarkable statistic, and a great deal of success can be attributed to this small group’s entrepreneurial spirit.

As an advocate for the Hispanic community, you can make your voice heard by signing letters and submitting comments to the President. You can also volunteer at events and meetings held by the Hispanic Federation. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process, and it takes time. It’s essential to be patient and persistent. The Hispanic Federation advocates for fairness, justice, and equality of opportunity.

Upcoming Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Events

Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 2022

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the leading regional advocate for the economic and civic interests of the Hispanic business community.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce serves as a catalyst for business opportunity and growth by:

  • Creating business opportunities for its members and corporate partners through its strong network of local, national, and international partnerships.
  • Organizing and sponsoring a wide array of programming – educational seminars, networking events, business-centric educational panels, and much more.
  • Identifying new and existing business opportunities and introducing members to new sources of business and commerce.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the leading advocate for Hispanic business and civic interests in the Greater Houston area. Through its issue advocacy, its media platforms with an audience reach of more than 3 million people, and its robust membership network, the Chamber is the leading united voice for its members and all of Hispanic Houston.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has developed and fostered strategic partnerships that often result in innovative public policy, stronger community relationships, and countless economic opportunities for its members. Chamber membership is comprised of a wide array of entrepreneurs, executives, small businesses, and Fortune 500 firms.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce executes its Strategic Vision through a series of initiatives, communication channels, and impactful community and corporate partnerships. These initiatives allow the Chamber to “sit at the table” where the conversations that impact the Hispanic community are had, and have its voice heard as a steadfast representative of the local Hispanic community.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has an active Board of Directors, a professional staff led by a President & CEO, and a robust volunteer infrastructure – all of which help chart the course for the future of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce acts as an effective business resource by:

  • Creating local, national and international business opportunities for newcomers and members.
  • Organizing and sponsoring educational seminars and networking events such as membership orientations and breakfast meetings.
  • Developing dialogue with elected officials and corporations to advocate on behalf of our members.
  • Serving as mentors to Hispanic professionals and business owners.
  • Referring members to the proper sources of business and information.

2022 Executive Committee

Francisco González


Chief Execitive Officer,
Lopez-Dorada Foods

Mely Jimenez


Co-founder & Owner,
Today’s Business Solutions

Paul Murphy

Past Chairman

Chairman, CEO & Director,
Cadence Bank

Alex Obregon


Vice President of Finance,

Joel Garza


Garza Management Corp.

Scott Silvas


Texas Market President – Middle Market Banking,
Fifth Third Bank

2022 Board of Directors

Carlos Abello

Vedado Corporation

Morena Arredondo

Sr Project Manager,
Atkins Global

Dave Stevenson

Market President Houston Region,
Amegy Bank of Texas


Dr. Laura Murillo

President & CEO

Arturo Pedraza

Chief Financial Officer

Deidra Taylor

Director of Special Events

Rosemary Garza

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Sierra

Chief of Staff

Leticia Lopez

Corporate Stewardship Administrator

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