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Integrity. Passion. Growth.

Not only have these core values served as guideposts for many of my personal and professional achievements, they are also the qualities I strive to exemplify with each prospective client seeking financial guidance with Northwestern Mutual.

As a financial advisor, I believe that taking the time to engage one-on-one with clients is key to wholly understanding their dreams and vision for the future. By establishing an authentic partnership with each individual from the very first meeting, my team and I take our clients through sensitive life stages with the ease, knowledge and confidence that the path they are on today will ultimately lead to those dreams becoming reality down the road.

Working closely with individuals, families, and businesses, my team and I strive to instill every client with a sense of responsibility to achieving their financial goals. As mentors, we are able to share our financial expertise and proven tools for success; our impact only increases when a client chooses to make a firm commitment to their future, and we have dedicated our process to realizing the “bigger picture” – however they choose to define it.

The opportunity to watch my clients progress and become more involved in the financial planning process is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role as a financial representative. I am proud to carry that legacy beyond Lafayette and extend my practice with the Northwestern Mutual to the greater Houston area.
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Specialties: Comprehensive Financial Planning | Retirement Planning | Wealth Management | Life Insurance | Wealth Preservation + Wealth Accumulation | Investments | Mutual Funds | Mentoring + Coaching | Disability Income Planning | Education Funding | Budgeting 

Cindy Gunawan

Financial Advisor

Company Name: Northwestern Mutual

My professional journey with Northwestern Mutual began when I accepted an internship as a financial representative. Although I had plans of using this experience as a template for starting my own business in the fashion industry, I quickly realized the pervasive, significant impact I could have working directly with clients to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual, business and family that entrusts their financial future to me.

Whether navigating tax strategies, retirement planning, or life insurance product options, my team and I work hard to provide clients with the candid dialogue, attentive in-person engagement and education for determining a comprehensive, prosperous financial plan. Our comprehensive process holds clients accountable to accomplishing their unique objectives, and I enjoy being an integral part of each client’s financial transformation.

When presented with the opportunity to expand my Northwestern Mutual practice to the Houston region, I was excited to share my vision and inspire a new community to achieve financial success. I currently split my professional time between Houston and Lafayette, where I continue to maintain a dedicated presence and commitment to my long-time clients.

I am always happy to talk through questions you may have regarding financial planning. Feel free to contact me directly:

(337) 254-8245
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