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BrainBuzzed Tutoring has been in existence for 5-years. BB Tutoring started with one teacher providing academic services to students in the library. As a result of the student’s success, the demand for services grew tremendously.

In the fall of 2019, BrainBuzzed Tutoring relaunched with a dynamic leadership team, new branding, and hired a team of tutors that range from paraprofessionals, classroom teachers, master teachers, instructional coaches, and even content specialists.

We provide services in all academic areas virtually and in-person for students K-12. BB Tutoring also offers services to college students and adult literacy.

Today, we are tutoring families across the country virtually and in-person across Texas. We also work with and support organizations in creating, implementing, and hosting academic enrichment programs.


About Patience Edwards, I am a passionate, innovative and dedicated professional with over 10 years of experience in delivering quality instruction practices, curriculum design and implementation, engagement techniques, and professional development. As a seasoned instructor/educational facilitator, I’ve focused on leadership development and data analysis to identify and implement effective strategies to address deficiencies. I exemplify excellent communication skills with the ability to successfully lead my team in planning and implementing quality instruction to our students . Additionally, boasting experience in customer relations, case management, as well as sales.

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Personalized 1:1 and small group tutoring with an academic specialist utilizing a customized program to reach the student’s goals and benchmarks.

Programs for districts and organizations of all sizes designed to serve as supplemental education across all subjects.

BrainBuzzed Tutoring offers tailored one on one, small group, or large group 1 hour sessions for the following:


BrainBuzzed Tutoring offers tailored one on one, small group, or large group 1 hour sessions for the student.START TODAY


BrainBuzzed can support your district or organization with academic support and enrichment services. (According to House Bill 4545 We offer Academic support in general educational settings, before, during and after school programs. We are also able to provide enrichment programs for out-of-school breaks ie: Summer school, Summer Camps.START TODAY


Let BrainBuzzed create a customized program to meet your needs.START TODAY

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