Yoguef Sanchez Jarquin

Yoguef Sanchez Jarquin

CEO at Vedoc app


I’m an entrepreneur that loves the convenient and innovative ways of the world we live in. I find ways to drive meaningful results and tackle the most challenging projects.

I am a heavily driven, critical thinker and use it as a basis for decision-making. Strategic planning and business operations are some of the areas I love working in. I have a diverse background, I have worked in different industries in my lifetime, however, I am particularly passionate about the automotive industry and my passion for cars has been in my life from an early age. I have grown my skills in entrepreneurship, project management, strong leadership, innovation, and most importantly, meaningful ideas that could make this world a better place. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy the car scene, art, reading, thinking of new ideas.

My company is Vedoc app, a solution that offers drivers transparency, convenience, contactless service, and competitive pricing while offering automotive service providers a simple to use tool to advertise their business and earn money

Chief Executive Officer

Company Name: Vedoc App

Vedoc offers its users a simple and convenient way to connect with vetted service providers who offer services ranging from mechanic repairs and maintenance, tire service, towing and hand wash amongst others. Our unique platform also serves as a channel for these service providers to advertise their business and reach new clientele. Vedoc’s simple Uber-like platform makes the entire experience as painless and convenient as possible.

The New way to Service Your Vehicle

Today’s drivers are looking for convenience, transparency and contact-less service 

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Ditch the old ways

4/10 Americans will avoid taking their car to the mechanic because they’re afraid their wallet won’t be able to handle all the work their car needs. The aftermarket world is going online, and the marketplace is changing. Parts are being sold online, service is being sold online

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1334 Brittmoore Rd,

Houston, TX 77043

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