How to Integrate Storytelling into Social Media Effectively with Leslie Bohl EP 019

After 18 years of working in television broadcasting, Leslie’s contract wasn’t renewed. She leaped and started a new career path. I had the privilege of advising Leslie when she launched her business from square one. Four years later, Leslie is a success story running her media relations agency.

Leslie’s years of being in media have taught her the importance of sharing your message through storytelling, why it must be compelling, and how to reach your target market. In our conversation, she shares some of her expertise, including:

· Why every business owner needs to be a storyteller.

· Public relations–a method of organic news coverage.

· Why video is key to spreading your message.

· Overcoming the fears of being on camera.

Leslie knows how to work in news, public relations, and social media. Her international experience will help you navigate the complex world of digital media. Plus, her tips and insights will give you the confidence to tell your story.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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