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At The Broughton Investment Group, we believe that transparency, clarity, and openness are essential to our clients. We believe that client education is paramount and essential to a successful partnership. Together, we explore a realistic process in achieving a successful financial plan.  

In today’s environment, financial management has become more complex. To achieve our goal, we utilize a financial plan. It helps us to visualize the current economic picture of our client and the strategy to improve on the current situation. The plan is an all-purpose tool that enables us to work together with our clients to make better financial decisions. 

We provide comprehensive financial planning services to those we serve. Part of our team’s approach is employing the six-pillars of financial planning, which includes cash flow analysis, risk management, investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. In simple terms, before making any recommendations, we look at a client’s financial profile, including tax, estate planning, insurance, risk tolerance, specific family circumstances, and ultimate financial goals.  

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Paul K. Broughton

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Founder713-337-4500 x 105

[email protected] March 16, 2012, Paul decided he would incorporate The Broughton Investment Group, Inc. in the State of Texas. His business model is simple.
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Anthony Ackerman | Financial Planner | Broughton Investment Group

Anthony L. Ackerman RICP®

President & Chief Operating Officer
Executive Financial Planner 713-337-4500 x 102

[email protected]Tony Ackerman, RICP, is the President and Executive Financial Planner for The Broughton Investment Group, Inc. (The BIG, Inc.) in Houston, Texas.
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