November 5th

Freddy Goerges
Call for Exhibitor & Sponsorship

Sylvia “Celeste” Cardenas
Call for Exhibitor & Sponsorship

Networking: Reinvented!

See Who’s Attending, Market Yourself & Connect… BEFORE THE EVENT!

Ncrowd….Connecting Tomorrow, Today!

Community Partners


You have seen them on Social Media, now it is Time to Meet the People behind the Profiles!

If you Network for Business or for Social Growth, Houston Young Professionals has you covered!

“We connect you with who you need to know!”

FACTS about Networking:

  1. Your Network is Your Networth
  2. Networking is About Who You Know
  3. Networking is About Who Knows You
  4. Your Contacts is Your Currency
  5. Networking is About Being a Connector
  6. Networking Gives You Purpose to be Present with Your Intentions
  7. Networking Builds Relationships & Community
  8. Networking for Referrals & Leads
  9. Build Your Network & Your Sphere of Influence “Don’t wait for a crisis”
  10. Networking Opens the Door for New Opportunities

If you have been searching for a community that you feel like you can belong to or if you would like to take an active role, Houston Young Professionals invites you to Join as an Active Member, attend our Events and get involved in our Leadership Programs

Houston Young Professionals Networking Events helps Professionals with Business Growth and Self Growth as a Leader!

Join HYP as an Active Member & receive up to 12 Months of Group Networking & Business Coaching

12 Month Membership
  • 1.) Exclusive Networking
  • 2.) Committe Chair/Member
  • 3.) Basic HYP Membership Page from your
  • LinkedIn About Section
  • 5.) Introduction Video
  • 6.) List your Events in HYP’s Calendar of Events
  • 8.) DISC Personality Assessment Test for Personal & Professional Development
  • 9.) One on One Personal & Professional Business Coaching with a Certified ActionCoach
  • 10.) Followup Online Coaching for 12 months with The Five Voices Program
  • 11.) Tools: Discover anyone DISC Personality on Linkedin
  • 12.) Speak at an HYP Event
  • 13.) Add your HYP Linkedin Employee/Membership Badge
  • 14.) Join NCrowd
  • 15.) Join HYP’s LinkedIn Engagement Pod
  • 16.) TEXT marketing tools
  • 17.) Linkedin Email finder
  • 18. Email Marketing Tools
  • 19.) Artificial Intelligence Marketing on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Ad posting on Apps
  • 20.) Appointment Scheduling tool to book more meetings
  • 21.) List Building with our Google Map
  • 22.) Video recording tools to use for Presentations, Marketing videos, Explainer videos, DIY videos
Lifetime Membership
  • Same as the $99/ yr Plan +
  • “Get Listed as a Featured Member on the
  • HYP Home Page”
  • Interview Video as an Industry Expert on
  • The HYP Show
  • Include a Contact Form for Lead Generation to your HYP Membership Page
  • Add Content to you HYP Membership Page from your Website, YouTube Channel, Yelp Reviews, FB Reviews, Google Review, LinkedIn Recommendations, Additional Video/Media
  • Your HYP Page will be “Boosted” on the FB Page
  • Become an HYP Editor for 12 months on FB & LinkedIn
  • Post Content or Events on the HYP FB & LinkedIn Page for 12 months
  • One Hour LinkedIn & Marketing & Networking Strategy Session