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Providing dollars for the cost of dimes. | Life Insurance


How would you feel if you were certain that during the most trying times, your family would be better off financially? Knowing when you can no longer provide, your family will thrive. Market volatility, illness, death, and disability don’t need to keep you from achieving the goals you have for yourself and your family.

I teach our clients what life looks like when you “Die, Kinda Die, or Don’t Die.” ? As a broker I typically work with three different groups:

1) Professionals who continue to develop and grow their income.
2) CPAs, Tax and Estate Planning Attorneys, as well as other Insurance MDRT qualifiers.
3) Individuals who have found it difficult to find life insurance coverage due to their background, health or otherwise.

When I chose to get into the insurance industry, an early experience with a single mother who passed before I could help, forever changed my direction to specialize in Life Insurance. Since then, I have served thousands of great families and my record number of hugs from clients in a year racked up to 354 (in 2016).

Feel free to connect, the office line is open, 409-449-LIFE or email [email protected] Our fully licensed staff and myself would be honored to discuss your individual situation. Keep life Insurance simple and please remember, GoFundMe is Not Life Insurance! 

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