Regina Joseph

 Supervisor PRC at Baylor College of Medinice

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Offering experience in personnel management, customer service, and business experience. Fully committed to providing the highest standards of customer service and support. Resourceful problem solver with an ability to bring resolution to a challenging situation. Excellent analytical, writing, organizational, and communication skills and aim to individual growth with institutional goals.
Team leader, people oriented and enjoy working directly with customers and the general public. Self-starter; can be depended upon to complete a task under minimal supervision. Great ability to work independently and with a team” to get the job done”.

My goal is also to have a school in the Arts for the inner city youth.

Specialties: Research, knowledgeable about helping obtain 501 (3) (c) paperwork, customer service, community leader

Sapphire Butterflies Organization

Who We Are

The mission of the Sapphire Butterflies is to inspire excellence and empower all inner city youth and teens to feel comfortable and confident not only in themselves but to have influential and positive impacts throughout their lives. The Sapphire Butterflies originated in the hearts and minds of our youth and teens. The idea to build an organization for the inner city/at-risk youth in the community garnered broad based support among Houston’s schools and parents in these communities.

What We Do

Kids have a natural tendency to play dress-up when young, and as they grow, they take a keen notice of fashion trends and want to imitate them. As kids become preteens, they become focused on appearance as a form of acceptance. There are many programs to engage your child in developing a fashion sense and in creating fashion. The goal of SBO is to promote programs that will be cultural effective to our youth as we as parents and a community address the issues related to bullying, low self-esteem, teen abusiveness, teen pregnancies, and gangs. As art programs are slowly being removed from our schools, our idea is to have a program that will not only inspire our youth to make a positive choice based on facts of what is going on in the society in which will live, but to have a program that will bring back the Arts programs where each child can basically make their world a stage where they can be as creative in either dance, theater, and even music. We also have programs to offer like the Black Swan & Pearls Cotillion/Beautillion After School Finishing program which originated in 1/10/2012 and Project Role Model.

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