Whether you are a Business Owner, Sales Professional, Entrepreneur, Networker, or just need to grow your sphere of influence, HYP has a Marketing Program that will fit any budget and needs!

Please feel free to Download HYP’s Media Kit to learn more about our organization

  • Email Marketing to 100,000 Email subscribers
  • Linkedin Marketing to 28,000 HYP Members
  • Facebook Marketing to 14,000 HYP Followers
  • TEXT Marketing to 10,000 cell numbers

We can customize any Marketing plan or help you build your list or marketing needs!

but the two most popular Membership Marketing Programs are:

12 Month
  • 12 Month Membership$99
  • 1.) Exclusive Networking
  • 2.) Committee Chair/Member 
  • 3.) Basic HYP Membership Page from your
  • LinkedIn About Section
  • 5.) Introduction Video
  • 6.) List your Events in HYP’s Calendar of Events
  • 8.) DISC Personality Assessment Test for Personal & Professional Development 
  • 9.) One on One Personal & Professional Business Coaching with a Certified ActionCoach
  • 10.) Followup Online Coaching for 12 months with The Five Voices Program
  • 11.) Tools: Discover anyone DISC Personality on Linkedin
  • 12.) Speak at an HYP Event
  • 13.) Add your HYP Linkedin Employee/Membership Badge
  • 14.) Join NCrowd 
  • 15.) Join HYP’s LinkedIn Engagement Pod
  • 16.) TEXT marketing tools 
  • 17.) Linkedin Email finder
  • 18. Email Marketing Tools
  • 19.) Artificial Intelligence Marketing on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Ad posting on Apps
  • 20.) Appointment Scheduling tool to book more meetings
  • 21.) List Building with our Google Map
  • 22.) Video recording tools to use for Presentations, Marketing videos, Explainer videos, DIY videos
  • Lifetime Membership$299
  • Same as the $99/ yr Plan +
  • “Get Listed as a Featured Member on the 
  • HYP Home Page”
  • Interview Video as an Industry Expert on 
  • The HYP Show
  • Include a Contact Form for Lead Generation to your HYP Membership Page
  • Add Content to your HYP Membership Page from your Website, YouTube Channel, Yelp Reviews, FB Reviews, Google Review, LinkedIn Recommendations, Additional Video/Media 
  • Your HYP Page will be “Boosted” on the FB Page
  • Become an HYP Editor for 12 months on FB & LinkedIn
  • Post Content or Events on the HYP FB & LinkedIn Page for 12 months
  • One Hour LinkedIn & Marketing & Networking Strategy Session


Step 1

We will build you a custom Sales Funnel Website or if you already have a website, we will offer suggestions and 3rd party tools to make it more robust capturing information for lead generation and retargeting

Step 2

A 3 hour One on One Marketing Stratergy session to cover all marketing efforts and Social Media workshop

Step 3

Create your Digital Business Card with this APP and Consolidate all of your Social Media Profiles and bring your Digital Business Card to life! 

  • Sync Social Media Accounts
  • Add the types of Referrals you are looking for in your Bio
  • Search & RSVP for Events
  • Start Networking

Step 4

12 Month Self-paced Professional Business Coaching! Take the Personal Assessment Test and find your Voice & Personality Type:

  • Pioneer
  • Connector
  • Guardian
  • Creative
  • Nurturer 

Step 5

Download this tool to learn insights and the Predictive Personality of any LinkedIn Profile! Communicate with insights:

  • Emailing
  • Calling
  • Meeting

Step 6

Download this tool to Join HYP’s LinkedIn Engagement Pod, where you share your LinkedIn posts and get more likes/comments from other LinkedIn HYP Members.  

As a result, you can increase your LinkedIn post views by 3x-5x times 🚀  

Step 7

Introducing Books on Video, watch the authors and experts teach you their books themselves? 

  • Audio Lessons and Short Audio Book CliffsNotes
  • Cheat Sheet & Memorization Booklet
  • Video Workshops
  • Member Discussions

Step 8

We will show you how to build your mobile phone list! Start Your TEXT Marketing Campaign!

  • Send up to 5,000 SMS for FREE

Step 9

Build a Custom Email List using LinkedIn!

  • LinkedIn Email Finder

Step 10

We will show you how to build your Email List! Email Marketing & DIY Website Building. Easy drag & drop templates:

  • Build multiple landing pages
  • Send 250,000 Emails for $100
  • Build your website from $8-$38/month

Step 11

Artificial Intelligence Marketing:

  • AI Social Media Posting
  • AI Lead Generation Websites
  • AI Ad Posting on Apps
  • AI Ad post on Google

Step 12

Get more Meetings and Schedule more Appointments with this online appointment scheduler:

  • Appointment Manager

Step 13

Sometimes we need to market in a specific geographical area, this google maps extractor tool will extract: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • website
  • Social media links
  • Reviews
  • Current marketing pixels 
  • and more from companies

Step 14

Record a video from your desktop/laptop

  • Great for adding your video or voice over to screen capture or share
  • Use for an instructional video
  • Presentations
  • Video Testimonials
  • Sales & Marketing Videos
  • How-to Videos

Step 15

Content is King but bad spelling can hurt! Our spell checker helps users locate misspelled words and commonly confused words in their documents while providing rich explanations to help users avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Step 16

Grow your business with website chatbots and conversational marketing. Chatbots have been shown to increase user engagement as well as conversion rates.

It’s easy to get started with ChatBot. Simply copy and paste one line of code to your website, and your bot will start interacting with your visitors. You can also use ChatBot on your Facebook™ Business page in a matter of a few clicks.

Step 17

Top businesses use our Facebook Messenger Marketing platform to generate qualified leads, increase sales and engage their customers 24/7. Get the benefits of Messenger Marketing Automation today! Start Creating Free Chatbot For Your Business no coding skills required

We also have available a $500 Website & LinkedIn Workshop Program that also includes our $299 Lifetime Membership