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Houston’s food culture continues to be on the rise. From dainty French bistros to hole-in-the-wall taco joints, the expanse of cuisine options that H-town offers is nothing short of immense. As a result, it can be a feat in itself to simply stay updated on the hottest restaurants and bars of the moment.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite food-centric Instagram accounts that are sure to inspire Houston’s most hard-core foodies. Here are eight mouthwatering accounts you should be following:

@becausewerefat, 2k followers: 263 posts
Although this Insta has not amassed the follower count of the others on this list (not yet at least), we love the hip, spunky food joints in their posts. However, the main reason @becausewerefat warrants inclusion in the Top 8 is the impressive selection of H-town sweets on display in its feed.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you should check out this account.

Chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, adorned with oreo crumbs from SMOOSH

@bestfoodhouston, 64.8k followers: 799 posts
Powered by the #Myfab5 Community, this Insta has a whopping 64.4k followers. While they don’t take a lot of their pictures themselves, they repost a little bit of everything, from frozen desserts to savory meals and everything in between. @bestfoodhouston is a great account to follow if you want to stay updated on the hottest restaurants of the moment.

Crispy friend chicken on top of four mini waffles drenched in syrup from Biggio’s Sports Bar

@bigfoodies, 13.9k followers: 1,042 posts
If the mouth-watering posts of this instagram account aren’t enough to earn them a follow, then their clever and witty captions will definitely sway you. @bigfoodies is an Insta based in Houston that also covers Los Angeles as well as Athens, Georgia. So if you’re interested in any of these food hotspots, this Instagram account is a must-follow.



Tomato basil soup topped with mini goat cheese soufflés from rise no2.

@houstontxfood, 17.1k followers: 203 posts
Bringing us back to our Texas roots, this account is known for its snaps of dishes that put a creative, urban spin on Southern comfort food. Not only that, but @houstontxfood posts a wide variety of dishes from different cuisines as well. Other things you are sure to find on the feed? Exotic seafoods, sweets, and even a few drinks.

French fries decked out with spicy pork, caramelized kimchi, cheese, and sauces from Coreanos Food Truck

@houston_foodstagram, 3.3k followers: 164 posts
This Instagram account has an impressive variety of foods from different cultures. However, what really makes @houston_foodstagram stand out is its incredible posts of seafood. If you’re a seafood junkie, this is the Instagram to check out.

Shoyu Beef and Chicken Ramen with pickled vegetables, bamboo shoots, and an egg from Nao Ramen

@htowninmymouth 3.1k followers: 292 posts
This fun account posts foods for all different occasions, from small snacks to gourmet meals. What makes @htowninmymouth really stand out, though, is its impressive aesthetic. Every single post is executed beautifully with high-definition snapshots of food capped off with a fun caption.

If you’re looking for the food Instagram with the most appealing pictures, this account has your name written all over it.

Jumbo Lump Crab Salad with avocado, carrots, beets, Bibb lettuce and apricot dressing from Bistro Menil

@texasfoodgawker, 11.1k followers: 954 posts
If you’re a Houstonian who also frequents Austin, this account is for you. @texasfoodgawker displays delicious food from both Texas cities. Although this account has an impressive variation in cuisine, we love the assortment of healthier options that they display as well.

Smoked salmon tartine with pickled red onion, capers, chopped egg, goat cheese and a side salad from Brasserie 19

@texasgrub, 3k followers: 306 posts
Looking for a cool happy hour spot as well as a good restaurant? Check out this account. @texasgrub is the perfect Instagram account for a major foodie who is looking for a little booze with their fine Houston cuisine.

Brisket Mac n Cheese topped with with mashed potatoes, barbecue sauce, and chives from Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar

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