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I am a Marine Corps Veteran who has served overseas in multiple locations. The thing I love the most is connecting with people and bringing people together. Travel and exploring have always been high on my list of priorities. I love connecting with the people I have met on my travels as well as experiencing new cultures, food, and traditions. Traveling through 42 of the 50 states and 30+ countries I have learned that people are striving for one of three things; attention, approval, and acceptance.

Since moving to Los Angeles from Arizona, I started a Digital Marketing Agency called Linkmode Digital Marketing. It has been a vision of mine to help businesses connect with their target audience. My core values in the business is to ensure that you, the client, and your results are put first above all else. I take the time to listen and make sure there is a complete understanding on what is needed. One reason Link is in Linkmode is because I want to build a bridge between your business and your customers, in the most effective way possible without all the fluff.

If you read this far, hopefully you understand that I prioritize people first. Connection is a driving factor in my life. So, reach out, send me a message, and let’s see how we can build a bridge between you and your customers.

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