On the Last Tuesday of every month on Zoom, Houston Young Professionals host Referral Networking and the following is the edited Chat Conversation of some of the attendees that have agreed to share their Contact Information and How they would like to Network!

February 23rd Referral Networking Notes

Erik Sanchez to Everyone (11:34 AM)


Me to Everyone (11:35 AM)

Freddy Goerges, CEO, Founder & Publisher Houston Young Professionals https://www.linkedin.com/in/freddygoerges/

Jerry Fu to Everyone (11:48 AM)


Sarah W to Everyone (11:48 AM)


Bart Vossen to Everyone (11:49 AM)


Jill Maxwell to Everyone (11:49 AM)


Brenda James to Everyone (11:49 AM)

Brenda James- linkedin.com/in/brendakjames

Erin Backus to Everyone (11:50 AM)


Me to Everyone (11:50 AM)

NCrowd http://ncrowd.com/

Jerry Fu to Everyone (11:56 AM)


Kelsi Rios to Everyone (11:57 AM)

kelsi.rios@yahoo.com (Freelance Artist)

Erik Sanchez to Everyone (11:58 AM)

erik@erikpaulpictures.com (Video + Photo)

Liz Hughes to Everyone (11:59 AM)

Liz Hughes – Mental health therapist


Bart Vossen to Everyone (12:00 PM)

bart@sgrenergy.com   SGR Energy a 9 yr old profitable private company in the Energy Sector.  Paying a 12% annual dividend ( 3% per Qtr) on shares that have increased from $0.75 to $2.43 in less than 5 Years.  The dividend is paid on the current share price, not what you paid.  Best part is when we exit in the next 4-5 years I expect an investment today can still earn a 10 multiple, whether it be an IPO or we get bought or merge.  Want info send me an email, call me or message me here!    Bart Vossen   832-241-2189    bart@sgrenergy.com

Jennifer Prince to Everyone (12:00 PM)

Jennifer Prince – jennifer.prince@fifthring.com – global B2B integrated marketing agency

Erin Backus to Everyone (12:02 PM)

Erin Backus ebackus22@outlook.com (graphic designer/activist/public health innovator)

Sarah W to Everyone (12:02 PM)

[file: SWilliams resume.pdf]

Sarah Williams, Public Admin and government https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamssarah5/

Brenda James to Me (Direct Message) (12:03 PM)

Freddy, so sorry. My plumber is here early to start repairs from the freeze. Thanks for the invitation. I hope to come again.

Katy Trudeau to Everyone (12:04 PM)

Hello ya’ll!  My name is Katy and I am with RWR – Recruiting firm.  We are looking for talent!  Email me at katyt@rwr.com and send me your resume or setup a call with me here at https://calendly.com/katyt-1recruitingforinfotech

Nnenna (Nnen-na) to Everyone (12:05 PM)

Hello all! I am an Agent with New York Life, licensed in the great state of Texas, and would love to connect on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nnennannakwenyl/

Clayton Estrems to Everyone (12:14 PM)

ClaytonEstrems@remax.net 🙂

Marwa Taha to Everyone (12:16 PM)


Roxana Esther Cubias to Everyone (12:18 PM)

rcubias3000@gmail.com.  Roxana Esther Cubias 832-314-2540

Mily Salazar to Everyone (12:18 PM)

Milagros Salazar – 8327902229 – https://agents.mutualofomaha.com/milagros-salazar/

Roxana Esther Cubias to Everyone (12:19 PM)

Roxana E. Cubias Morgage and Real Estate🏡

Harsha to Everyone (12:29 PM)

Bart, its patilharsha92@gmail.com

January 26th Referral Networking Notes

My name is Maribel Rodriguez (Sunshine), owner of Sunshine Personnel Solutions, LLC. It is a Staffing Company. We provide personnel whether it’s temp, temp to hire, or direct hires to Solo, Small, Medium, and Large Businesses. We cover the employees 100% with Workers Comp,
General Liability, Federal Taxes, W2’s, Child Support Dues, and Unemployment. Email:
Cell: 832.863.1090

Ashley Gomez to Everyone (11:47 AM)

Natalie Shipp to Everyone (11:47 AM)
Hey Everyone! I look forward to networking with you!
Natalie Shipp – Financial Advisor (Financial Planning, Investments, Insurance (Life/Disability/LTC)

Alissa Ensor to Everyone (11:47 AM)

Tim LaBorde to Everyone (11:48 AM)

Tina Salisbury to Everyone (11:48 AM)
Please feel free to connect with me to partner with any veteran serving organizations or to support veterans or family members

Donna Carnahan to Everyone (11:48 AM)
Ciao! This is my first time here. I am an international photographer and opened my studio at
The Silos www.LaDonnaFoto.com

Tim LaBorde to Everyone (11:48 AM)
Tim LaBorde 713-965-4561
Tara Collins to Everyone (11:48 AM)

Blesson Abraham I’m a health insurance advisor and the best way to contact me is through my
phone. Call or text me at 832-526-2488. https://www.linkedin.com/in/blessonabraham/

Penny Evans to Everyone (11:48 AM)
Penny Evans. http://linkedin.com/in/pennyevans-accountant-sales

Lauren Goodman – HCHSA to Everyone (11:49 AM)
Lauren Goodman – Harris County – Houston Sports Authority www.linkedin.com/in/laurengoodman32

Donna Carnahan to Everyone (11:49 AM)
Looking to connect with art collectors, art galleries, interior designers. Donna Carnahan

Tara Collins to Everyone (11:49 AM)
Epic and Cerner Consultant and trainer

Jill Maxwell to Everyone (11:49 AM)
Welcome Everyone! I am Jill Maxwell, Director of Business Development for ActionCOACH Houston. jillmaxwell@actioncoach.com cell phone #210-867-2184. We work with business owners wanting to grow, franchise, set up a succession plan, professionals looking to advance in their careers, start ups, training for employees, marketing, lead generation, conversion etc.
We are offering complimentary 2 hour sessions to focus on areas you are having challenges with.

Pooja Goswami to Everyone (11:50 AM)
Pooja here – 9 years of experience in the payments industry and looking to making a career transition into Digital Marketing in the tech field. Currently an MS Marketing student at the University of Houston as well. Looking to make connections to facilitate this transition and allow me access to people and opportunities in the tech industry.

Jill Maxwell to Everyone (11:50 AM)

Allen Jones to Everyone (11:51 AM)
Allen Jones with Premier Media Partners looking to network with Marketing Firms to provide
Photography/ Videography provider for their clients.

Jonas Van Looveren to Everyone (11:51 AM)
Jonas Van Looveren, linkedin.com/in/jonasvanlooveren , 713 689 99 55. Site Manager with a global company, and working with Young Professionals to coach and mentor on their
corporate career track.

Bryan Brooks to Everyone (11:51 AM)
Howdy everyone! I’m looking to grow my network, lets schedule a quick call to learn about each other’s businesses. http://bryan.brooksitservices.com

Cameron Thomas to Everyone (11:51 AM)
Cameron Thomas
Comcast Business
Senior Business Account executive

Tyler Jakobs to Everyone (11:52 AM)
First time here. I partner with individuals, families and small businesses to plan and prepare for their financial goals. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyler-jakobs/

Marlo Smith to Everyone (11:53 AM)
Marlo Smith with We Care Provider Services, we provide services for elderly and disabled people and also Disabled Veterans. www.wecareprovidersvcs.com 281-656-8012

Cameron Thomas to Everyone (11:55 AM)
Looking to grow my network and referral partners to help business owners with everything telecom, from the internet to voip phones.

Bryan Brooks to Everyone (11:55 AM)
Good morning everyone! Brooks IT Services is an outsourced Managed IT Department for the SMB Market. We are looking to meet Business Owners & Office Managers and reduce their stress in regards to their IT Management: http://bryan.brooksitservices.com

Jill Maxwell to Everyone (11:55 AM)
Jill Maxwell, ActionCOACH https://calendly.com/achil Schedule your complimentary 2 hour session with me!

Allen Jones to Everyone (11:57 AM)
Does anyone need updated headshots??? We offer sessions starting at only $100. Mention this group and get $25 off. Call or text to schedule 832 283 9964 – Allen Jones (Premier Media

Christy McGowan to Everyone (11:58 AM)
Hello everyone! Dr. Christy McGowan, Lead Founder for ONE Collegiate, proposed charter school. onecollegiate.org Christy.mcgowan@onecollegiate.org . Looking to build a network to
create an innovative school model in Houston.

Abby Lockhart to Everyone (12:01 PM)
Abisola Lockhart- Financial Advisor with Edward Jones; providing wealth management, retirement, education & tax savings services email: abisola.lockhart@edwardjones.com Phone:

Ashley Gomez to Everyone (12:04 PM)
Ashley Gomez here, co-owner and copywriter for 132 Design. Need a logo? Website? Marketing strategy? We are an all inclusive branding agency with a heart for startups! I also teach
branding 101….Let’s connect! www.linkedin.com/in/ashley132

Allen Jones to Everyone (12:09 PM)
@Ashley Gomez – Let’s connect! We can provide photography and videography for your clients and we also have a heart for startups. Give me a call 832 283 9964

Ashley Gomez to Everyone (12:10 PM)
Yes! Sending you a DM now.

Allen Jones to Everyone (12:10 PM)
@ Bryan Brooks – I just put time on your calendar to chat tomorrow at noon

Tim LaBorde to Everyone (12:11 PM)
way too fast lol is there a recording to YouTube after for us slower guys

Tina Salisbury to Everyone (12:11 PM)
I did not see on the website where to access the list of steps.

Tim LaBorde to Everyone (12:12 PM)
Freddy never apologize for being great
@Roger impressive!

Clayton Estrems | @CookingRealtor to Everyone (12:16 PM)
Stop caring and start doing

Tim LaBorde to Everyone (12:16 PM)
most people do not have the guts to even record a video let alone go live. low competition

Jill Maxwell to Everyone (12:20 PM)
We offer complimentary interviews that we record and we feature them in our newsletters, social media, website in regards to your business and how you are maneuvering through the pandemic! I would be happy to do this with anyone!! We give you a copy of the video as well
of course!! jillmaxwell@actioncoach.com

Roger Wakefield to Everyone (12:24 PM)
Please check out Master Networks Houston on Facebook. You can find me on LinkedIn and YouTube at Roger Wakefield

Darryl Perrilloux to Everyone (12:24 PM)
�Darryl Perrilloux�
Owner/ Master Trainer & Nutritional Consultant at www.dmpfitness.org
Here are the products and services I offer:

  1. Personal Training: in person and virtual, one on one and group setting��
  2. Nutritional Services: Structured meal planning, Meal Prep (through Territory Foods),
    supplements (through Black Magic Supply) �
  3. Wellness – CBD oil (through CBD BioCare) note: THC FREE. ��
  4. Athletic Apparel – through Worldstrong Athletics. �
    I’m on all social media: FB (Darryl Perrilloux), instagram (@dmpfitnessworld), tik tok
    (@darrylperrilloux), tweeter (@dmpfitnessworld), LinkedIn (@darrylperrilloux)
    Let’s connect and network!
    email: dperrilloux31@gmail.com
    cell: 832-385-4853 (call/text)

Tara Collins to Everyone (12:27 PM)
Cameron I put in an application for houston with comcast

Tim LaBorde to Everyone (12:28 PM)
@Tina I’m a veteran too. lmk if I can help with employing vets or anything else.

Bryan Brooks to Everyone (12:30 PM)
Good morning everyone! Brooks IT Services is a outsourced Managed IT Department for the SMB Market. We are looking to meet Business Owners & Office Managers and reduce their stress in regards to their IT Management: http://bryan.brooksitservices.com

Lauren Goodman – HCHSA to Everyone (12:32 PM)
Lauren Goodman – lgoodman@houstonsports.org

Tina Salisbury to Everyone (12:34 PM)
Please connect with me to support military veterans, service members, family members and the organizations that serve them. I partner with veteran serving organizations nationwide
Email: tsalisbury@combinedarms.us
If you are looking to connect with other business development professionals and to network and receive professional development check out the National Business Development Association

Marlo Smith to Everyone (12:38 PM)
The last chat was deleted, someone was introducing themselves and mentioned that they work
with Veterans, can you please contact me at 12816568012

Bart Vossen to Everyone (12:39 PM)
Good afternoon, If anyone is interested in an energy investment earning 12% and having an opportunity to participate in an IPO in a few years let me know. We expect the company and revenues to grow 5x in the next 3 years. Cheers, Bart bart@sgrenergy.com 832-241-2189
Donna Carnahan to Everyone (12:41 PM)
I would like to invite everyone to visit my fine art photography studio. La Donna Foto studio

308 at The Silos of Sawyer Yards in Arts District Houston. By appointment individually or

groups, just email ladonnafoto@gmail.com
Or call 832-928-4961 Donna Carnahan
specializing in Italian landscape photograph and featured in Forbes magazine.

Allen Jones to Everyone (12:43 PM)
Hi Guys, its Allen Jones with Premier Media Partners! If you’re in need of any Photo or Video
work feel free to give me a call and lets make it happen! 832 293 9964

Tim LaBorde to Everyone (12:45 PM)
@Roger did I hear you right, are you setting up a networking event? more info please?

Tara Collins to Everyone (12:45 PM)
Looking for a career in health administration as a biller or coder with epic and cernet as far as admitting or registration or financial, anything dealing with patient services

Clayton Estrems | @CookingRealtor to Everyone (12:45 PM)
Now I’m hungry… I meal prepped and forgot it at home 🙁

Tara Collins to Everyone (12:46 PM)
My contact number Job title health information specialist- contact phone number 346-420-8402

Roger Wakefield to Everyone (12:46 PM)
Master Networks Houston find it on Facebook and talk to Julie…

Marlo Smith to Me (Direct Message) (12:52 PM)
Hi Freddy can you contact me at 12816568012 at your convenience, would like to speak with you about what you do