Dennis Michael, Graphic Designer_ How to Create the Perfect Logo for your Brand

Dennis Michael, Graphic Designer –

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Episode 021: Dennis Michael, Graphic Designer: How to Create the Perfect Logo for your Brand Every company or organization wants a logo.

That logo is just a small part, but an essential part of building a brand.

Dennis Michael is an experienced graphic designer who specializes in logo design and brand building.

Since 2002, he has worked with many B2B to B2C companies, large and small, creating hundreds of logos and building dozens of brands. Dennis has a process for creating logos and brands, and it starts with asking the business owners about their core values and purpose. Later, the discussion turns towards what do they want the logo to communicate to the customers they serve. In our discussion, Dennis discusses the process of logo creation including

• Let the logo tell the story.

• Focus testing with your target market.

• Design your logo to be timeless.

• Doing an assessment of your current brand.

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