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Building a successful business is not for the light-hearted; it’s time-consuming, grueling, frustrating & you still need to always find new ways to stand out from a saturated market. And let’s face it, social media is our BEST and most affordable marketing tool, but managing our SM accounts can be daunting & time consuming! That’s where Click Clique steps in – we’re here to help you expand your brand and put our members in contact with experts in social media marketing, all in an effort to create a more efficient marketing campaign for you!

Improve your business relationships

You’re already a business owner, running on commissions and caffeine. Every piece of our growing community are all designed to expand your knowledge base which will effectively help grow your business relationships!

Focusing on Your Business

Click. The sound of a camera shutter.

Clique. Your inner circle.

And you. Starting your own business, being responsible for your own income, working off of commissions, busting your ass for every inch you gain. It’s not easy, and it’s not something everyone can do. But you forged ahead and became an expert in your field, so much so that you made the jump to self-employment! And then there’s marketing… If you’re like our founders, then your field of expertise is not marketing. Or social media marketing for that matter.

When our founders set out on their own entrepreneurship journeys, they came in contact with person after person who said “Market with print ads!” or “Give cold-calling a shot!” Neither of which fit the bill of “Work smarter, not harder.” Nor was it the way the digital world & people in it respond to advertising.

So then the search began for help in an area where they were not experts. Social Media. Where are the classes? Bootcamps? Like, a crash course somewhere? Turned out, spending hours on YouTube or spending a fortune on a marketing degree seemed to be the only real things worth mentioning. And who has time for all of that? Then add on top of that the mounting costs for regular branding photoshoots?! Seriously, WTF?

We created a better way. We created a community of photographers for weekly shoots. A community of successful small business owners in Houston to lead our “Brunch & Learn” events to speak about what has worked and what doesn’t. BOOTCAMPS! Need a social media crash course? A class on how to create your brand? What about a Business 101 infosession that answers basic business questions? We got it! Monthly members happy hours so we can all get together to shoot the shit & share what we’ve learned? Done. Collaborations with other businesses? Yes please!

Let’s face it, entrepreneurship can feel pretty lonely and isolating sometimes – it’s not something most of our friends and family can relate to. But maybe those of us who truly want to grow and succeed can create a group of unity strong enough that we ALL can succeed far beyond what we imagined.

Hi! I have a thousand questions!

  • Why ClickClique?Click of a camera. Clique, your inner circle of friends and family. If you’re here, you own your own business. You’re responsible for marketing & growing that business. Conventional marketing companies charge thousands of dollars for branding shoots, social media management, etc. We don’t. We figured out a better way.
  • Who are your photographers? We love this question. Our founders are huge supporters of small business & hidden talents. Our photographers are all contractors for ClickClique & they all own and operate their own photography businesses (So head’s up – if you need wedding, family, newborn, etc photos soon, definitely ask our photographers!!). They are fabulous! We support their full time businesses just as much as they support yours. These are the relationships we strive to cultivate.
  • What is included in the memberships? We have two basic memberships: the Photo Series & the Media Series. Within that monthly membership, you get invites to all of our monthly happy hours (yes, a drink ticket is included), a photoshoot every month to keep your content fresh, access to our Brunch & Learn series, each hosted by a successful local business owner, access to our members-only facebook group for more networking, discounted additional photoshoots if needed, and much more to come in Phase 2 & 3.
  • Wait, Phase 2 & 3? Yes! ClickClique is in its infancy, and as with building any small business we have to scale according to our membership & needs. Phases 2 & 3 include the addition of what we are temporarily calling “Surprise Events” (more to come on that), and the addition of a physical office & small studio space where we will offer at no additional cost semi-annual professional head shots, Mother’s & Father’s Day shoots with the babes, and more. It’ll also be a space that will be available for rent for a day, or hour, or whatever if ever needed! We have an idea for a Phase 4… but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves 😉
  • What if I don’t want the membership? You do you boo! A consistent membership isn’t for everyone and every budget – we get that! You can still buy passes for a photoshoot when you want or need, and for some of our events we will have tickets available to the public for a small fee.
  • Is there a commitment? Yes & no. For the Photo Series membership, yes – for 2022 we are giving you the first month free with a commitment for an additional 3 months. After that, it’ll be month to month & you can pause for up to 2 months if you ever need to! For the Media Membership – there is no commitment. But for both, we do ask for a 30-day notice of cancellation!
  • What if I refer someone?Eff yes! Please do! Every time you refer someone, you’ll get 10% off your next month’s membership! At the end of the year at our member’s holiday party, we’ll give out a reward for the Social Butterfly for the most referrals!
  • Can I use the photos for anything? Yes! Use them for social media, for advertising your brand, whatever you need!
  • Will the prices ever increase? We have no plans to raise the prices, BUT rest assured, the price you sign up with will be your lifetime price as long as you are a member. We will not Netflix our members.
  • What about videos? We got you, boo! We have 2 video options available, designed with Reels or TikTok in mind. Our video prices are per shoot & with the photographer/videographer of your choosing. The price includes the actual shoot & the production/editing of your video. If you need anything more than the two options we have, please work directly with our photographers as those are considered “custom” needs & will go through our photographer’s respective businesses 🙂
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