In today’s digital age, marketing processes have dramatically changed from traditional marketing methods such as radio, print, and television to a heavy reliance on social media marketing and marketing automation. Marketing automation is essentially using today’s available tools and software to automate general marketing tasks.

Marketing automation can provide many different ways to integrate and automate manual and repetitive tasks and processes such as lead follow-up. 

Here are four key benefits to marketing automation:  

Automation — save time and remove human error.

Personalization — create meaningful experiences tailored to each contact.

Segmentation — use your customer data to improve outreach and retention.

Orchestration — integrate all of your marketing tools to work together.


Automation is the process of using any of today’s brilliant marketing tools to assist with executing specific marketing tasks. Through the use of today’s available software, marketing has become extremely powerful and extremely efficient. Automating repetitive marketing tasks like email marketing can save you thousands of hours with its unique capability to manage email conversations with thousands of leads, simultaneously handling common scenarios such as appointment cancellations, no-shows, follow-up requests, and more. Automation can also help remove human error, allowing you to be more precise and accurate with your overall marketing and messaging strategy. 


Marketing automation also has the unique capability of creating meaningful experiences tailored to each contact on a more personable and individual level. How many times have you received a random sales email, and immediately after reading it, you laughed because the message had no relation to you whatsoever? You realized the message was directed to the general public with no effort to reach you as an individual. Being more personalized with your company’s messaging is a night and day difference to your overall strategy, and your customers can feel it. These personalization tactics can be simple insights such as demographic information; or more specific interest type tactics like buying intent and behavioral patterns. Through personalization, your marketing can use automation to implement a one-to-one strategy on an enormous scale. Through this use of personalization, a brand can make consumers feel that they are speaking directly to them and addressing their unique needs. This simple addition of personalization can massively increase your ROI on your marketing efforts. 


Segmentation is essentially using your customer data to improve outreach and retention. Similar to personalization, segmentation uses your customer data to segment your lists to send or not send certain messages. Suppose you want to increase your email open rates, boost your click-through rates, and lower your unsubscribe rates. In that case, email segmentation can drastically improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Studies have shown 82% of marketers have reported an increase in open rates through mail personalization, yet 70% of brands fail to use them. Email list segmentation is a widespread technique amongst email marketers where highly targeted emails are sent by dividing their list into smaller groups or segments. The better you understand the unique characteristics that differentiate each of these groups, you can hone your email marketing campaigns’ content to each segment and significantly increase your conversion rates. This simple addition to your marketing strategy can be the difference between how a shotgun and a sniper operate. 


Orchestration is the process of integrating all of your marketing tools to work together in a seamless and concise package. Like an orchestra being a large instrumental ensemble, the orchestration of all of your marketing tools creates a clear and precise marketing symphony, allowing you as the conductor to have more time and freedom to focus on the bigger picture for your business. Marketing orchestration is still a reasonably young term. Regardless, it essentially synchronizes information from multiple source points to leverage more appropriate and personalized experiences for your brand or company’s audience. 

Every Business Should Be Utilizing Automation. 

Marketing Automation is a must for the success of almost any and every business. This article highlights 4 of the primary critical benefits of marketing automation. Marketing automation is a very complex topic with many moving parts and concepts that might confuse the average person. However, in today’s modern world, it is incredibly beneficial to take the time to understand these complexities and how they might work for your business. 

Our signature service is something we like to refer to as The Mozwell Method. With The Mozwell Method, we can integrate your website’s calendar with a simple application form to collect extremely valuable information like an email address or a phone number from your ideal customer. 

With this, we can then put them into an automated email flow, essentially guiding them to make their appointment with you. Our service is the epitome of marketing automation.  

If marketing automation seems of any value to you, and you feel the need to possibly implement these strategies into the marketing efforts for your company, then book a free strategy call with us today. 


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