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Houston Ranks Top 100 emerging ecosystems in the world

If you’re looking for proof that Houston’s startup scene is blossoming you need only look at an upcoming report from Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

The current Global Startup Ecosystem Report which was released on September 22 it places Houston at the number. 19 of the most promising startup ecosystems. It also places Houston at the number. 4 in the most prominent regional challenges in North America. In the last report, it was reported that Houston included Houston along with other startups in the emerging ecosystems that fall within 31-to-40 in the 31-to-40 range.

Mumbai, India, appears at the top of the list. 1 in the world’s most promising startups this year as well as Miami ranks at the No. 1 in the most influential regional challenges across North America.

As per Houston Exponential, the city’s startup scene “is experiencing an increase in activity that isn’t showing any evidence of slowing.”

A case in point: Houston startups raised more than $1 billion during the beginning of the year 2021, a record that surpassed the totals of previous years. For 2020, Houston startup companies raked in a record-breaking amount of 753 million in venture capital.

“Venture capital that is invested by Houston startups has almost quadrupled in the last year,” according to a recent Houston Exponential report. “The continuous progress we’ve observed in the process of forming startups, as well as growth in the last four years, proves that Houston is well-equipped to create a vibrant, strong innovation economy that places the focus on equity.”

Collectively, the healthcare and information technology industries accounted for nearly 60 percent of Houston’s VC deals in the first quarter of 2021, as the report states.

Another indicator of the growing size of Houston’s startup community is the increasing number of incubators, workspaces, and accelerators that help startups.

“These important institutions are the ones that create the density of the market and cause collisions between entrepreneurs, investors, and another talent, significantly raising the pace of startup growth and formation,” according to the Greater Houston Partnership.

The institutions that are included comprise The Ion entrepreneurial hub, the Greentown Labs climate-tech incubator, and the DivInc startup accelerator. They are all new to the Houston startup scene.

“DivInc is all about expanding the startup ecosystem to make it more diverse, fair, and inclusive of marginalized entrepreneurs.” Preston James II the CEO of DivInc, said in April. “When we as a collective achieve this goal successfully and effectively, we maximize our opportunities to grow economic GDP, we can decrease the gender and racial inequality of wealth, as well as drive more creativity.”

In Texas, Austin ranks 20th among the top startup ecosystems according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, dropping from the number of. 19 in the previous year. Dallas continues to be ranked 31st. Silicon Valley tops the global list.

The report claims North America represents half of the top 30 ecosystems around the globe.

“Entrepreneurs, policymakers, as well as community leaders from North America, have been working to create an inclusive ecosystem of innovation that is the engine of jobs and growth for everyone,” JF Gauthier, the founder, and CEO of Startup Genome says in an announcement.

San Francisco, Startup Genome is a research and advisory firm that specializes in the startup ecosystem.

Houston Startups and Tech Map