Houston Parks and Map
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Houston Parks and Map

We’re laying out an idea to provide more open space for all. Bayou Greenways, 150 miles of trails, and the greenery of 3,000 acres will be accessible to Houstonians which will bring us closer. To the family picnic. The first and the last mile. It’s what is important. This is the reason why the Houston Parks Board shares the stories of Houstonians who live there and is willing to share yours as well. We’re hoping that millions of people will speak up about what they like the most in their park, and tell stories that encourage others to share in what we’re making by working together.


District ADistrict BDistrict CDistrict DDistrict EDistrict F
District GDistrict HDistrict IDistrict JDistrict KOutside CL


A – FG – NO – Z
Park NameAddressFree Speech Map
Oak Forest Park2100 Judiway, 77018Map
Oak Meadow Park500 Ahrens, 77017Map
Oakbrook Greenspace5353 De Soto St., 77091 
Old City Hall Clock PlazaCongress/Travis, 77002 
Old N. MacGregor Spaceway2500 N MacGregorMap
Olympia Park3600 Olympia, 77019Map
Our Park2604 Alabama, 77004Map
Park at Palm Center5400 Griggs, 77021Map
Park Drive Park4600 Park, 77023Map
Park Place Park8600 Detroit, 77017Map
Parkwood Park3400 N. Parkwood, 77021Map
Peggy Park4101 Almeda, 77004Map
Peggy’s Point Plaza Park4240 Main, 77002Map
Pelham Park7500 Fountaine, 77028Map
Pershing Park5500 Pershing, 77033Map
Pine Valley Park2431 Pine Valley, 77019Map
Pleasanton Manor Park8501 Guinevere, 77029Map
Poppy Avenue Greenspace0 Poppy Avenue, 77092 
Post Oak Village Park13800 Lockway, 77045Map
Proctor Plaza Park803 W Temple, 77009Map
Rasmus (Walter J., Sr.) Park3721 Jeanetta, 77063Map
Ray (Marguerite) Park8401 Elrod, 77017
Redfern Dr. Circle12100 Redfern Dr., 77048
Reed (Harry) Park7500 Jensen, 77093Map
Reeves (Gail) Park8800 Mullins, 77096Map
Reveille Park7700 Oak Vista, 77087Map
River Oaks Park3600 Locke Lane, 77027Map
Riverside Park2600 S Calumet, 77004Map
Robinson (J., Sr.) Park1422 Ledwicke, 77029
Rodriguez (Sylvan) Park1201 Clear Lake CityMap
Root Memorial Square Park1400 Clay, 77002Map
Rosewood Park8200 Darien, 77028Map
Rosslyn Park6500 Pinemont, 77092Map
Sagemont Park11507 Hughes, 77089Map
Sam Houston Park1000 Bagby, 77002Map
Samuel Spaceway12936 Samuel, 77015Map
San Jacinto Park22100 US 59, 77338 
Sand Canyon13900 Sand Canyon, 77083 
Scales (Zollie) Park3501 Corder, 77021 
Scenic Woods Park7449 Lakewood, 77016Map
Schnur Park12227 Cullen, 77048Map
Schwartz Park8203 Vogue, 77055Map
Schweppe Park1801 El Paseo, 77054Map
Selena Quintanilla Perez/
 Denver Harbor Park
6402 Market, 77020Map
Sesquicentennial Park400 Texas, 77002 
Sesquicentennial  Park Fish Plaza500 TexasMap
Settegast Park3000 Garrow, 77003Map
Shady Lane Park10220 Shady Lane, 77093Map
Sharp (Jerry) Park3234 Chaffin, 77087Map
Sharpstown Green Park6300 Sharpview, 77074Map
Sharpstown Park & Golf Course6600 Harbor Town, 77036Map
Shepherd Park4725 Brinkman, 77018Map
Shiffick (Peggy H.) Park700 Bomar, 77006Map
Sims Bayou Park9500 M.L. King, 77033Map
Sleepy Hollow Park3400 Sleepy Hollow, 77019Map
Smith (R.E. “Bob”) Park1300 Smith/Clay, 77002Map
Smith Greenspace7612 E. Elm, 77012 
Songwood Park548 Westshire, 77013Map
South Main Estates Park12256 Zavalla, 77085 
Southcrest Park5842 Southmund, 77033Map
Spencer Middleton Clements Park5100 Memorial Dr, 77007
Spotts Park401 S. Heights, 77007Map
Spurlock Park6700 Park Lane, 77023Map
Spurlock Parkway1300 N. MacGregor, 77023Map
Squatty Lyons Park1701 Chamberlin, 77093Map
St. Lo Park7335 St. Lo, 77033Map
Stewart Park6700 Reed, 77087Map
Stonecrest Parkway Park2701 E. TC Jester, 77018 
Strickland Park300 Highridge, 77015 
Stuart (Robert C.) Park7250 BellfortMap
Stude Park1031 Stude, 77009Map
Studemont Spaceway800 Studemont, 77007Map
Stuebner-Airline Park9201 Veterans MemorialMap
Sue Barnett-43rd Triangle750 43rd, 77018Map
Sunflower Park5000 Sunflower, 77033 
Sunnyside Park3502 Bellfort, 77051Map
Swiney Park2812 Cline, 77020Map
Sylvan Dells Park1973 N MacGregor, 77023Map
Tanglewilde Park9631 Windswept, 77063Map
Tanglewood Park5801 Woodway, 77057Map
Taub GreenspaceBuffalo Bayou 77011 
Taylor (E.R. & Ann) Park1850 Reed, 77051Map
Taylor (Hobart) Park8100 Kenton, 77028Map
The Park on San Felipe1702 S. Post Oak Lane, 77056Map
Tidwell Park9720 Spaulding, 77016Map
Timbergrove Manor Park1500 W. TC Jester, 77008Map
Townwood Park3403 Simsbrook, 77045Map
Tranquillity Park400 Rusk, 77002Map
Trinity Gardens Park4903 Bennington, 77028Map
Trotter (J.T.) Park7809 E. Little York, 77016Map
Tuffly Park3200 Russell, 77026Map
Turner (Sylvester) Park2800 W. Little York, 77091Map
Tuttle (Cliff) Park
 (Joe & theresa Padilla Skate Park)
6200 Lyons, 77020Map
University Village Park3602 Anita, 77251 
Uvalde Park1020 Uvalde, 77015Map
Vassar Spaceway1720 Vassar, 77006Map
Verde Forest Park8790 Brock Park, 77078Map
Veteran’s Memorial Park1800 Tidwell, 77093Map
Victoria Gardens Park4900 Werner, 77022Map
Wagner Greenspace1406 Wagner77007 
Waldemar Park11700 Waldemar, 77077Map
Waloon Greenspace6640 Wilcrest, 77072 
Wanita Triangle6600 Wanita, 77007Map
Warren Park4301 Topping, 77093Map
Watonga Parkway4100 Watonga, 77092Map
Wayside at Griggs Greenspace3727 Wayside, 77023 
West 11th Street Park2600 W. 11th, 77008Map
West 26th Street Greenspace437 West 26th Street, 77008 
West Dallas Greenspace1706 W. Dallas, 77019 
West End Park1418 Patterson, 77007Map
West Gray Adaptive Recreation Center1475 West Gray, 77019
West Mount Houston Park10300 N. Houston, 77088 
West Tidwell Trailhead4700 W. Tidwell, 77016 
West Webster Street Park1501 W. Webster, 77019Map
Westbury Park5635 Willowbend, 77096Map
Westwood Park4045 Lemac, 77025Map
White (J.P.) Park12501 Market, 77015Map
White Oak Parkway1513 White Oak, 77009Map
Wiess Park100 N Post Oak, 77024Map
Wilcrest Park3125 Wilcrest Dr., 77042 
Wildheather Park14900 Whiteheather, 77053Map
Wiley Park (Lease)1414 Gillette, 77019Map
Williams Park15000 McConn, 77598Map
Willow Park (Lease)10400 Cliffwood, 77096Map
Willow Waterhole Greenway5300 Gasmer, 77035Map
Wilmington (Sunnyside)4410 Reed Rd., 77051 
Wilson Memorial Park100 Gilpin, 77034Map
Windsor Village Park14441 Croquet, 77085Map
Winzer Park7300 Carver, 77088Map
Woodchase Greenspace3951 Woodchase Dr., 77042 
Woodland Park212 Parkview, 77009Map
Woodruff Park8800 Woodruff, 77012Map
Wortham Island ReserveWhite Oak Bayou 
Wright-Bembry (23rd St) Park850 W. 23rd, 77008Map
Young (Karl) Park7800 Stella Link, 77025Map