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Houston Mural Map

Find your top Houston street art or murals by visiting the newly-launched HoustonMuralMap.com website, which features over 850 of the city’s murals to pin on a simple-to-navigate map.

The city is blessed with an ever-changing array of street art and murals, Houstonians now have a convenient tool to look through colorful new art, learn more about their top artworks, and learn about the artists of talent who paint our city’s visual landscapes.

Visitors can look through H-Town’s murals and mini-murals made by artists, communities, or neighborhoods as well as the partnerships that help to fund the majority of the bigger installations.

Similar to H-Town’s murals the website developed with the help of UP Art Studio and local web developer Alex Barber is a work-in-progress. Alongside the current landmarks, it also features murals from the past that have been covered in paint and plans are in place to grow the listings for each individual.

Plans are being made for hundreds of more murals that will be sourced by the public and uploaded to the site.

Utilizing the Interactive Website

The interactive digital map shows the locations of a variety of pieces of street art that reflect the vibrancy and nature of Houston. There are many that promote social causes, products, and even personalities.

There’s plenty to discover in virtual reality, and nearly all sites can be viewed in the car. If you’re visiting the site directly and leaving the car, ensure to remain away from the other visitors and wear masks.

Visitors can zoom in on the area of interest and then select a place for each of the murals. The site contains all the available information, as well as hyperlinks to the artist’s web presence. The map generated by the crowd will be updated as new artworks and details are added.

Houston Mural Map

Utilize it to locate the best, explore, and appreciate the numerous amazing street art murals and street art installations across Greater Houston. This map contains more than 750 murals that were sourced through our network of community partners, artists, and mural hunters who are volunteers. The map also contains more than 250

Mini Murals

The installation is done by the website host
UP Art Studio . Click on the individual pins on the map to view it, and also find out more about the mural and the artist (if you know). Take the virtual tour!

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Its Houston Mural Map is built on the Google Maps platform. It is possible to use My Maps to create your personal self-guided tour around specific murals. Cut and paste the locations from the map onto an entirely new map that you make and save the directions to create a self-guided tour. Go to My Maps Help to find out how.


Street art is an ever-evolving landscape. The murals featured in this map are an image of the time in July of 2020. Do you have an amazing mural or artist link to share? Tell us about it using this contact form, and then send us a high-resolution photo(s). Also, you can send us any corrections or updates using the same form.